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Dudley Vernon Dursley and Romilda

July 5, 2011
By Mahnooriable BRONZE, Lahore, Other
Mahnooriable BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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“Dudley, I really need to tell you something important,” said Romilda.
“Yes sweetie what is it? You need some more soup?” asked Dudley Vernon.
“Ah no, not that. I think we better go over to your house before I tell you this. Shall we go?” she asked.
“Yes, yes sure honey.” Dudley said with half a glance at his unfinished lunch.
Dudley Vernon and Romilda Vane got up from their chairs and after paying for their lunch went to Dudley’s car. They drove to the Dursley’s in complete silence.

“Good afternoon Mr. And Mrs. Dursley,” greeted Romilda.
“Well good afternoon honey, had a good time?” answered back Petunia Dursley.
“Er..yes..very!” Answered Romilda and made her way to Dudleys bedroom.
Dudley entered after her and shut the door.

“What is it now that you want to tell me? I hope its not that you cannot marry me or you like someone else?” asked Dudley.
“No no, nothing like that. Its just that I want be entirely truthful to you about my life. There's something important I need to tell you before we get married. I'm… i'm…” Romilda spluttered.
“I’m a witch!”

A ringing silence echoed after this exclamation.
“I know its hard for you to believe that magic exists but it does and….” Romila continued.
But Dudley couldn’t hear anything. His mind wandered off to the time when he was a teenager. He could remember a boy, small and skinny with a thin face, untidy jet-black hair, startlingly green, almond-shaped eyes and a scar-a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. A boy he often thought of at night-where he was now, what he did. A series of memories played in his mind like a film- a bearded man with an umbrella, his pig tail, Aunt Marge flying, a deadly cold in Dudley's chest and the time Dudley left Privet drive-the last time he had seen the boy. The boy named Harry Potter.
“Dudley, Dudley are you listening?” asked Romilda.
“You can do magic?” asked Dudley uncertainly.
“Yes. I'm sorry I didn’t tell this to you before but I couldn’t hide it anymore. I can prove it to you…” said Romilda.
“Just like…. Just like…Harry…” Dudley said, deep in his thoughts.
“Harry? Harry who?”
“Harry Potter.”
Romilda gasped and looked shocked.
“You, you know Harry Potter?”she asked.
“Yeah, do you? He is my cousin”
“Of course I do! Who doesn’t? I don’t believe this! Harry Potter is your cousin!?”
Just then Petunia Dursley called out from the other room “Tea is ready my dears!”
But neither Dudley nor Romilda heard her. Both were lost in their own thoughts.
Dudley could remember his father and mother’s hatred for magic.
'I'm not having one in the house, Petunia! Didn't we swear when we took him in we'd stamp out that dangerous nonsense?'
“I was the only one who saw her for what she was ... a freak!”

Would they accept Romilda?
The prospect of having magic again in his life was a bit frightening to Dudley himself. He hadn’t quite forgotten his pig tail yet.

Meanwhile Romilda was lost in her own thoughts. She remembered herself in Hogwarts, years ago, in the girls washroom discussing with her friends how she was going to give love potion to Harry Potter.
How would Dudley respond if he found out she had tried to feed his cousin a love potion?
“Uh…. Dudley darling how often do you talk to your cousin, um…Harry?”
“What??... oh,haven’t talked to or seen him in years.”
Whew! Hopefully they wouldn’t meet again ever and Dudley would never know. She needed to make sure Dudley never met Harry.

The author's comments:
I really love the Harry Potter series.
J.K Rowling explained about the lives of different characters but i was really curious about the fate of the Dursleys. Remembering their fear of magic, i thought how hilarious it would be if Dudley's wife turned out to be a witch!

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This was really great! I loved it! for the most part, it flowed really well, except around the end... but great job!