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Screaming Eagles Chapter 2

September 18, 2012
By Lord-Rahl BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Lord-Rahl BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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I walk to the bar, Bohrs and Bill with me, watching for any people following me. The only people in the alleyway was a young woman chasing a cat, a half-clad man sleeping in a pile of trash, and a heavily armed man guarding the door. We walk up to the guard, and I whisper to him the password. “Friend of the dead” is all that is said, but the man opens the door and in we go. “What type of password is that”, asks Bohrs. “To the devil if I know”, I reply, “I say whatever gets me in.” I walk to the bartender, whose name no one knows. We all just call him bartender. “What jobs you got” I ask. “Well”, he says, “I have three jobs. Two are walk in the parks, the other one is to go against death and try to live.” And to that I say, “Well give me the third job.” “Then talk to that woman in the corner over there” he said, as he points to a woman in a dark robe, looking like she wants to kill someone. And in my business, that’s good for me. “So”, I say, “You want someone killed.” “Yes”, she says, “I want a man named Gen. Zimmer, at the fort McTager, dead for what he did to my father and my country.” A deathly silence comes over the bar. “You”, I say, “do know who I am, don’t you?” “You are a person, that is all that matter”, she says, wondering now if this is a good idea. I whisper, “ I am Will Rahl, cousin to Lord Rahl, and heir to the throne should he die.” The blood drained from her face, for she now knew she would never leave this bar alive. “Bill, distract Bartender, and Bohrs, you know what to do.” I walk out of the bar as Bohrs draws a dagger. A minute later, Bill and Bohrs rejoin me in my walk to the city stables. I get up upon my horse as my guard, a dozen of my best men, form’s up around Bohr, Bill, and I. As I get back to camp, a messenger runs out of a tent and grabs my horse’s reins. To me he said, “Lord Rahl wishes for you and the Screaming Eagles to dine with him two weeks from now.” “Tell him we will be their.” “Yes sir”, and he takes off running, headed to the camp’s stable.

The author's comments:
The next chapter, while short, has been a long time in coming

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