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Dinner with the Vampires (A One Direction Story)

November 7, 2013
By Erin_Mari BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Erin_Mari BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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It was a dark and starry night in July; One Direction was having a show in Miami where the most ecstatic fan gets to have dinner with the group after the show. A lucky fan named Alexis Lewis age 15 won. After the show Alexis meat the boys and their band. “So” asked Alexis “What’s for dinner tonight?” The boys looked at each other and smiled evilly. “Were having you” replied Harry walking over and kissing Alexis on her cheek. Alexis smiled “Awe! That’s so sweet” said Alexis “but what do we have to eat, like food” Zayn walked over and caressed her neck “You don’t understand, were having you!” All the boys started to laugh while fangs were coming down from their canines. Alexis screamed in horror as she was running to the door, but Liam blocked the door from her. “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Louis “You’re not going anywhere sweetness” said Harry. Alexis couldn’t believe her eyes when her favorite group was going to kill her. The boys circled around her as she hid in a corner. “Who should get the first bite?” asked Niall. Harry looked deep into her eyes, “Zayn” he said “He should have the first bite I mean she looks so edible to eat.” Alexis was scared out of her life when Zayn came so close to her. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much,” said Zayn pulling her hair from her neck.” If you close your eyes” replied Liam. The guys laughed as Zayn plunged his fangs into Alexis’ flesh. Blood splattered on the glass door as One Direction was devouring there number one fan.

The author's comments:
The Vampire diaries inspired me to do this piece, so I didn't know who to write about. A week after I saw One Direction's movie and I wondered what will happened if A fan goes back stage and never comes out. And that is how to story started!!!!!!

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