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Hermes Cabin Roof

November 16, 2013
By Ghostofwinterspast BRONZE, Henefer, Utah
Ghostofwinterspast BRONZE, Henefer, Utah
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The word had come not moments ago, but already demigods were flooding into the Empire State Building. Campers were bruised and cut up and grinning. Cheers filled air of the main lobby. Kronos was defeated. Jackson and Chase had saved us again. I stood on tiptoe straining to see any sign of the small group of Hermes campers who had gone to loot a pharmacy and get us more medicine for the wounded.

"They'll be back," a familiar voice said from next to me. I turned to find Travis Stoll. He smiled softly at me and stood next to me looking for the same people as I.

His twin brother, Connor, had led the group of campers down the road and hadn't been seen since.

At thirteen I first came to Camp Half-blood. That night I was claimed. The glowing laurel wreath had declared my godly parent.

"Alice Fletcher, daughter of Apollo," Chiron announced to everyone.

Drew had waisted no time in her attack. She found every single way to tear my self confidence to pieces. A week after my arrival Connor came up to me before a game of capture the flag.

"We're going to prank Drew," he said a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Wanna help?"

I agreed hesitantly and followed them to the Aphrodite cabin after everyone was in the woods. Silena met us there and guided us to Drew's bunk. I was slightly disgusted by the neatness of the small place. The smell of her designer perfume tainted everything that came within reach of its awful tendrils. Connor pulled out an empty bottle and Travis took the perfume bottle and emptied it into the one Connor was holding. Silena smiled slyly and winked at me. The boys then proceeded to empty a vial of something else into the now empty perfume bottle.

"Smell," Connor instructed and I obeyed. It smelled exactly like the old wretched stuff, and I told him so.

He just laughed. "Just until she sprays it on herself. Then it will smell worse than a dead skunk, and trying to wash it off will just make it worse."

I couldn't help but smile. We finished up the task and slipped off just in time to join the celebration of the Hermes cabin winning the game.

Connor was right, for days after Drew smelled horrid. Anyone who went anywhere near her would nearly puke from the awful smell. After that I had been close friends with the Stoll brothers, and practically sisters with Silena.

I watched anxiously as the small battalion continued not to make an appearance. Next to me I could feel Travis's anxiety as well. I had already lost Silena, would I lose Connor as well?

Connor and I had been going out for four months now. I still remember the day our secret relationship had become known to the camp.

I stumbled into the Apollo cabin completely exhausted. It had been a rough day. Michael had chewed me out for at least an hour after my arrow exploded and burned half the archery field. I hung up my bow and quiver and sat down on my bunk. That's when I first noticed the small box sitting in the glass safe on my small shelf. In confusion I opened the small door. No one knew how to get into that safe. Curiously and cautiously I opened the box.

Inside was a golden charm in the shape of an arrow and a small handwritten note. It read: Meet me on the Hermes cabin roof? -Connor

I smiled and waited until the others in my cabin were asleep. Stealing silently through the shadows, I made my way to the Hermes cabin. Breaking curfew was a serious sin here, along with extremely dangerous. Using the small spaces in between the logs as Connor had taught me I climbed quietly up the back of the cabin. He was sitting on a blanket with a basket of something next to him. I sat down next to him and he smiled my favorite crooked smile.

We talked quietly for hours watching the stars and eating the desserts he had stollen from the camp store. Sometime during the night I drifted off my head on his chest. The next morning a familiar voice woke me.

"You two are in so much trouble," Travis said with a grin.

My hands began to shake in fear as the minutes passed. I reached up fingering the caduceus charm that was on my camp necklace next to my four yearly beads. He had given it to me right before the battle had begun. I looked up at Travis. His eyes were pained. A sob escaped my lips seeing this. He wrapped his arms around me and held me, crying with me like a brother would. Despair closed in around me. Connor wasn't coming back to us, none of them were.

The cheers around us intensified but I couldn't stop my tears.

"Guys, why are you crying? We just won," a voice came from next to us. It was a beautiful voice and one I would know anywhere. Turning my head sharply I found Connor grinning my favorite crooked grin. Travis laughed and I screamed happily throwing my arms around Connor neck as he picked me up.

"You're alive," we whispered at the same time. Travis laughed loudly and joined the group hug.


We sat on the Hermes cabin roof watching the stars. He held me close as a tear slid down my face, missing Silena. He pressed a soft kiss into my hair and just held me. I looked up at him quietly and he kissed my lips ever so softly.

"I love you Alice," he whispered softly

"I love you too," I whispered quietly.

Just for you Alice. I thought I heard a voice whisper in my head. It sounded like Silena, and I couldn't help but think this was her final gift to me. To be able to have Connor survive the war.

"She's with the stars now," I whispered and he nodded. "Right next to Beckendorf."

I slowly felt myself begin to drift off and he held me close, his arms warm and comforting.

Thank you Silena. I thought as I fell asleep in Connor's arms again.

The author's comments:
All the characters except Alice belong to Rick Riordan.
I've always liked the Stoll brothers, and this just kinda popped into my head one day. It is right after the Titan war is won.

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Xenon_Tsukino BRONZE, Blairsville, Pennsylvania
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"Conner raised his hand, 'Um, what if it is a really nice phone and-' 'No.' I said. A few people whined after that" I don't know why but I just love that part in the book!

on Jul. 7 2014 at 9:03 am
uncomfortableBrunette SILVER, Lr. Sackville, Other
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I love the Stoll brothers! This is such a sweet fan fic! I love it!

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This is really good! Normally I don't dig fan fiction, but this stands on its own really well :) it's super sweet & I care about the characters even though I might not know everything about them. Nice work!