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He's My Nerd {Prologue}

February 24, 2014
By Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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Marcel yawned and stretched his long arms. He scratched his head full of messy bed hair and yawned once more. The sun glistened outside his window as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and made his way over to his closet. He picked out his checkered sweater and his beige pants, setting them on his bed. He then pulled out a white t-shirt and some dark jeans and stuffed them in his back pack. He changed into the outfit he had put on his bed and fixed his hair. He grabbed his glasses from the bedside table and fixated them on his face. “There,” he declared, “All ready for school.” He grabbed his backpack and walked out of his bedroom.

Marcel’s mum was making breakfast when her 18-year-old son walked into the kitchen. “Smells good, mum,” he said, kissing his mother’s cheek. She replied, “Thank you, Marce. You should make your lunch. I don’t want you to be starving when it comes around to lunchtime.” He nodded in compliance and went over to the fridge. He eventually made a tuna fish sandwich with a bottle of cold water, some Oreos and some graham crackers. By this time, his mum had finished breakfast and they were both sitting at the table, eating and chatting. “So, Marce, have you met any girls?” his mum asked, taking a bite out of her food. Marcel shook his head. “No. Girls notice me, but I don’t think they have like a crush on me... As much I want to meet one, I don’t think that I’m their type.” He continued to eat and stared at his plate. “Well,” his mum said, “Maybe you should ask Harry or Edward about how to get a girl to notice you.” Marcel shivered at the names of his older twin brothers. “Mum,” he sighed, “Harry is half ways around the world, being in an international boy band, and no one knows where Edward is…” She sighed sadly and nodded.

Marcel got up from the table, making his way to the kitchen sink. He placed his plate in the sink and declared, “I’m off to school, mum! Have a good day!” His mother replied, smiling brightly, “You too, Marcel!!! Don’t get into any trouble!” He smiled and walked towards his car. His brother, Harry, had gotten it for his 17th birthday. The drive to school consisted of Harry’s band, One Direction, playing and a little bit of Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. He hummed along to “Best Song Ever”. It was Marcel’s favorite song and he kind of laughed when his brother had to dress up like him in their music video. And the guy, who was Leeroy, did an OK job.

Marcel pulled into the high school’s parking lot, parking closest to the front doors. By the doors stood Damien Marrows, the most popular guy at the school. He was a good guy, but if you got on his bad side, you’re dead meat. Marcel always tried avoiding him, but Damien always seemed to find him. “Hey, Marcel,” Damien said and smiled at Marcel. Marcel waved softly before hurrying inside. He caught up to his best friend, Leeroy, and said, “Hey!” The blonde smiled excitedly and yelled, “MARCEL!!” They smiled at each other and Marcel asked, “What’s new with you?” Leeroy shrugged and sat on the floor, his books in his lap. “Not much, buuuuuutttttt,” he said, “My best friend, Tara, is going to eat lunch with us today!” Marcel cocked his head to the left as he asked, “Tara who?” “Tara Marrows, Damien’s sister.” Marcel felt his stomach jump into his throat. The sister of the most popular guy at Cheshire High was hanging out with a bunch of nerds?! “Don’t worry,” Leeroy added, “She thinks she’s secretly a nerd, but I know the truth.” He smiled at Marcel as the bell rang. “See you in Psychology?” Leeroy asked. Marcel nodded and headed to his first class.

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