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Pretties by Scott Westerfield

November 3, 2014
By gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
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There is a method to my madness.


I will cure myself. What I’m doing probably isn’t what Tally and Zane did but this should work. I hate them! Tally refused to tell me what made her mind not fuzzy. But then yesterday, she finally told me. I can’t believe she gave the other pill to Zane instead of me! We have been through so much together but she chooses the guy she just met. Of course she does. She has always been deceitful. The only reason I'm in New Pretty Town is because she betrayed the Smoke. She has taken everything from me! First she took David, then the Smoke, and now the best way to cure my brain to make it clear again. But since she betrayed me again, I had to come up with my own way. I even created my own clique dedicated to curing ourselves. It is time to initiate the new members. Everyone is looking warily at the scars on my arm and the knife in my hand. Once they try it, they will understand how clear it makes your mind. I think I will need to demonstrate. The pain cuts right through the fog and makes me feel clear and exhilarated. Everyone looks like they want to run but are only staying because of the thrilled look on my face. The person next to me takes the knife and cuts her arm. I can tell from her face that she can feel the thrill too. The sight of the knife being passed around makes me feel joy that I’m helping other people to cure themselves. They are now members of the Cutters.


Why is Shay standing in the rain? Why is she surrounded by a circle of people? Why is she holding a knife? I would ask Zane but I don’t want anyone to hear me. I want to run out into the field and apologize to her so badly. She doesn't understand that I tried to destroy the necklace but by damaging it, I accidently gave out a signal drawing the Specials to the Smoke. And I only gave Zane the pill because I was too afraid to take it by myself and the Specials were coming. I would have given the other one to her but the Specials would punish me if they found the pills. She just won't stop and listen to me. Now she is standing in the rain with a knife. How did everything get so out of control? I have been looking at the ground and now I wish I didn’t look up. Shay is dragging the knife along her arm. Now I understand what the raised bumps on her arm are. I watch the blood bubble up from the cut as she passes the knife to the next person. Why don’t they just run? Can’t they see that Shay has gone crazy? As the knife circles around, Shay looks on with a look of triumph. When she gets the knife back, She raises it in the air and declares the group are now called the Cutters. I am so sorry Shay.


Something bad is about to happen. I have known it from the moment I saw the circle of pretties with Shay in the middle. I knew that Shay was mad at Tally and I but I never knew that she would go so far. When I see Shay cut herself, I accidently let out a small gasp of horror. I hope that no one heard it. Is this Shay’s answer? Why couldn’t she just come with us when we leave? This is very dangerous! If anyone but us saw the scars and the cut, they would have contacted the Specials immediately. The therapist is already worried about Shay. Just imagine what would happen if he saw her scars. This is New Pretty Town and everything is supposed to be perfect thanks to the surgery that messes with our brains. This is not going to turn out ok.

The author's comments:

I did this as a school assignment and my teacher recomended that I should put it online.

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on Nov. 14 2014 at 9:52 pm
gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
4 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
There is a method to my madness.

Thank you so much!

on Nov. 14 2014 at 11:54 am
Princess.Renda GOLD, Travelers Rest, South Carolina
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"All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust." --J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I am a huge fan of this series!! This fan fic is absolutly fabulosu, darlin! I love the different points of view on it, esspecially Shay's! Its really good. Keep writing, love :)