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Nightmare On Elm Street XI: Freddy's Worst Nightmare

September 2, 2016
By Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
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One night, I was dreaming and then suddenly a man with a 5 fingered knife glove walked to me. He said, “Hello there, my name is Freddy Krueger. What’s yours?” I responded back and said “Kurtis.” Freddy said “I’m a dream god and kills anyone in my dreams and you’re next.” I ran while screaming and Freddy was behind me. Freddy then clawed my middle palm. Then, Mom woke me up because I was screaming. I said, “Mom don’t sleep tonight!” She said “Why’s that?” I said “Because Freddy Krueger will kill you!” Mom said “Don’t worry I won’t”

After Mom dropped us, I walked into high school with a paranoid face. Michael asked “What’s wrong?” I said “Make sure no one falls asleep in school today because a dream killer named Freddy Krueger will kill you while sleeping.” Michael said “Was this in your sleep?” I said “Yes” Michael said “It’s just in your mind.” I said “Maybe your right.”

20 minutes later, I walked to Biology class and saw Matthew asleep. Meanwhile in Matthew’s dream, He saw his dead parents and saw them disappear. Then Matthew saw a window and laid back and then Freddy grabbed Matthew’s shirt and said, “See you next fall!” In the real world Matthew walked to the window and fell out the 3 story building. Coby asked, “What happened?” I said, “It’s Freddy Krueger.” Coby asked “Who’s Freddy Krueger?” I said “He’s a dream killer and immune in the dream world.” Coby said, “I’ll tell everyone not to to fall asleep for their own safety. I said, “Good idea.”

2 hours later, I walked to CVS and picked up non-sleeping pills and took 2 to so i don't go to sleep 20 minutes later, I went to computer class and saw Paris asleep. I moved him around but he didn’t wake up. Meanwhile in his dream, Paris saw he was in the NBA and then he caught the ball and made a shot. Then everyone turned into Freddy Krueger and Freddy said “Think Fast!” Then ball was Freddy’s weapon and hit his jugular vein.

In the real world, I scream and saw his bleeding vein and called the police. An Officer named Thompson asked what happened here. “I said, “Paris just fell asleep then got killed while sleeping.” Thompson said “I know who would do this, It Krueger again!” I asked “What happened to him before.” He said, “He was a child murder. Then one night some parents burned him alive.” I said, “That’s terrible.” Then Thompson said,” He a dream killer now. The only way to defeat him is to pull him out into the real world.” I said” Thanks, Officer.” The police left and I asked Telicia if I could stay at her house with her friends. She nodded yes. Her other friends were Wesley and Neda.

Later that night I stood awake on guard for Freddy Krueger. Then Teliclia nodded off and I said in panic, “Wake up” Meanwhile in Telicia’s dream, she was on her I - Phone and was sucked in into Facebook. Freddy was in charge of the Facebook page. She was screaming. Freddy said before killing her, “You have been deleted from Facebook.” Then the app and she was deleted from her phone and in life.

Then, Neda fell asleep and I was nearby and kept screaming “Wake up!” Meanwhile in her dream, she was in the forest eating S’mores and was happy. Then, she saw Freddy Krueger as a bear and ran for life. Then 2 minutes later as she was sitting on the tree, Freddy Krueger slashed her chest and stomach. He said with an evil smile “That was a roaring success.” In the real world, I heard screaming and busted the door down like Hercules. I saw her body and screamed.

Once Mom picked me up, Keith was in the back seat and I was in tears. Keith asked, “What’s the matter bro?” I said, “Freddy Krueger is killing my friends one by one until I’m left.” Keith said, “Can I help? How can he be defeated?” I said, “There’s only one way and that’s to pull him out of the dream world into the real world.” Keith said” Why don’t we team up?” I said, “No it’s too dangerous!” Keith said, “Okay but don’t coming crying to me if you don’t have anyone else to help!” Mom said, “Knock it off with your wild made-up killers!” I said, “For the last time, He’s real even a police officer said so.” Mom said, “You’re grounded for the night.” I said “Fine!”

When I got home, Mom took a bath to help and then she fell asleep. In the dream, Mom was in her house and her sons was armed with Freddy‘s weapons. Mom said,” My son was right”. Freddy said, “You should have believed him. Now die!” In the real world, I splashed water on her face and she woke up. She said” Kurtis, You were right. Take him down for us. Also, you’re ungrounded.” I said” Okay!”

Meanwhile at Neda’s house, Wesley fell asleep and was on Neda’s bed. In Wesley’s dream, He was in his bed listening to the radio and then Freddy was the cord of the headphones. Then the cord wrapped around his neck. Then it choked Wesley. He screamed” Helppppp”. Then the cord snapped his neck like popcorn popping. Freddy left the cord and said, “I was just choking you around.” Then Alma ran in and fainted.

2 hours later, I went to GHS with Keith and said, “That’s it enough hiding from Freddy Krueger. Time to deal with Freddy Krueger. I know the perfect people to defeat Freddy Krueger.” I picked Keith, Master Chief Kirby, Alma, Peake, Coby, and Michael. I said “The power of ROTC will defeat Freddy Krueger.”

I gathered everyone I picked and said, “Enough hiding. Time to defeat the dream killer. Everyone fall asleep at the same time to take on Freddy Krueger and to distract him to pull him into the dream world to use his Weakness against him.” Master Chief asked, “What if we fail?” I said, “Freddy will kill everyone.”

Everyone fell asleep. Master Chief had a shotgun by him. Michael had a knife. I had a baseball bat beside me. Alma was the first dreamer to take on Freddy Krueger. Alma was Batgirl and said “Die, B*!” She used gadgets and made Freddy fall down looking dead. Then Freddy said “You’re a BBBBB-Bad girl.” Freddy then punched Alma into a vat of acid nearby. She screamed and then her skin burned off and her bones.

Coby was the next dreamer. He had a ninja suit on and had ninja powers. Coby had throwing stars. Coby used a smoke bombs and kept flinging throwing stars at Freddy Krueger. Then Freddy used a ice spell. He froze Coby and said " Time to break the ice" Then Freddy broke Coby into little ice crystals.

The third dreamer was Peake. Peake was a MMA Fighter with MMA skills. Freddy And Peake faced off with just their hands in battle. Peake kicked Freddy's head off. Peake said," How are you going to see Freddy. Freddy said " Time to Kick It Off!" Freddy then decapitated Peake head with one kick.

The final dreamer was me. Freddy" Time to kill you once and for all!" I said " Come and get me you monster!" Freddy chased after me for 5 minutes. Then I punched Freddy and held on and woke up with Freddy in the real world.

The rest of us woke up too. I grabbed my baseball bat and stunned Freddy. Then Michael grabbed his knife and stabbed Freddy 5 times. Master Chief then grabbed his shotgun and shot Freddy in the heart. Then, before Master Chief was ready to blow Freddy up for good, I said," Welcome to your worst nightmare Freddy. It's ROTC!" Then Master Chief blew Freddy's head off and he vanished.

I called 911, Officer Thompson said "You defeated Freddy Krueger!" I said" Thank you" Keith said" You did need my help" Master Chief said" You’re the superhero of Akron" I said" Thanks." I was ready to live my life again

2 weeks later, Mom drops me off at GHS. Then as Mom is driving away I scream seeing something. Then on Route 8 Freddy grabs Mom from the backseat and into a puddle underneath. Freddy Krueger then laughs.


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