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Halloween X: The Final Killing

October 24, 2016
By Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
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One day in Akron-Canton Airport, I was ready to go to Haddonfield U as a college freshman. Keith was ready to move to Haddonfield, IL with me to get a job at the Haddonfield Police Academy. We heard our flight number and got on the plane. We waved goodbye to our parents.

Twenty hours later, we arrived at Haddonfield, Illinois. We took a taxi to 1115 Oxley Street. We saw our house and I said, “It looks very nice.” The house was white with 3 bedrooms. I walked down to the basement and looked in the laundry room and saw a knife by the boxes for some reason. I looked and saw a deceased man with a white Captain Kirk mask. I screamed and Keith ran down and saw it. We called 911 and we took the body down and took the bloody knife. Then all of a sudden, I just had a flash of the dead man killing someone. I said “I just had a vision.” Keith said “It’s probably a hallucination.”

Twenty-two minutes later, an officer said “What happened here?” I said “I was looking around and saw a knife then a body.” The officer gave me his card and said “We’ll take care of it and give us a call if anything else happens.” I said, “Will do officer.” I went back and took 500 bucks to buy stuff for our new house. I was driving and saw the ambulance. The driver drove off and waved to us goodbye. Then a couple seconds later the ambulance drove off into the distance.

Meanwhile, on the ambulance, the drivers arrived at the morgue to put the body away. They put the morgue’s latest new body in a cold chamber. Then in the chamber the body was breathing. It got up and grabbed a scalpel. The deceased man saw a nurse. The nurse heard some footsteps and said, “Hey what’s – ahhhhhh!” The deceased man grabbed her and sliced her jugular vein and wrists. The nurse was bleeding like crazy. Then, the deceased man saw a doctor next door watching a sitcom called “Everybody Loves Raymond” The deceased man grabbed his TV remote. The doctor was looking around for the remote. Then the doctor said “Hey nurse, Where in the name of god is the remote at?!” Then the deceased man hit the remote on the doctor’s head making him unconscious. Then the deceased man hit him with the remote on his skull five more times, looking dead. Then the deceased man grabbed his knife and tried to look for me He stabbed the driver in the forehead and threw the body away like a ragdoll. The deceased man grabbed the steering wheel and drove off looking for me.

Back at my house, I was in my new bed and I was dreaming and I was in the morgue. I saw the deceased man chasing me with a knife. Then the deceased man killed me. I woke up in terror. It was 7 AM and it was October 31st and it was Halloween. I was ready for my 1st day in college. I was in breakfast and saw the body as a lunch man. I screamed and dropped my breakfast.

A tall football player with brown puffy hair said “What’s wrong?” I said “Nothing must be college jitters.” He shakes my hand and said “My name is Bryce Johnson. What’s yours?” I said, “Kyle Harvey”. I heard the bell ring. I heard the bell ring. I saw a long brown wavy haired beautiful girl bump into me. I picked up her books and she was blushing. Then she ran off fast like a jaguar. Five minutes later, I was in class and saw Bryce. I kept seeing visions of the deceased man in the class window. Bryce said, “Meet me after school.”

After school, Bryce and I walked to abandoned house. Bryce said, “This house was a killer’s home ten years ago. Let’s egg it.” I said, “No.” Bryce said, “Don’t be a wuss.” Then I was scared and said, “Fine.” I threw some eggs and Bryce did also. Then I saw something, it was the pretty girl in a witch costume. I said, “Nice costume.” She said, “Thank you.” I ran off and saw a police cruiser chasing us. I said to her, “See you later.” I ran off in a blaze.

Meanwhile, the pretty girl saw something unusual in the lake. She saw the deceased ambulance driver in the lake. Then the deceased man grabbed the girl and stabbed her lower abdomen. She was bleeding for mercy and then she was stabbed in the same place again five times and she was dead. Then the deceased man walked off into the woods.

Back at the chase, the officer arrested us for vandalism and resisting a police officer. We got in the cruiser and I saw the body staring down at me. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the jail cell. I saw a short brown haired girl with a height of 5’7. I introduced myself and she introduced her. Her name was Laurie Strode. She said, “Why are you here?” I said, “We were just doing a harmless prank at an abandoned house.” She said, “Which one was it?” I said, “It was the one on Mission Street.” She said, “That was my brother’s house.” I said, “Why is that a problem?” She said, “Cause, he is a ruthless killer. He’ll kill anyone no matter what until I’m dead and now that you messed with his house probably you two, now.” I said, “Wait did he have a white Captain Kirk mask?” She said, “Why do you ask?” I said, “When I moved in two days ago, I saw that same body in my new house and took it to the morgue.” Laurie said, “You idiot, that was my brother!” I said, “What was his name?” She said, “Michael Myers.” I said, “Oh no Keith!”

Meanwhile, Keith was on patrol and heard, “We have a 140 on the corner of Mission Street. Proceed with caution.” As soon as Keith arrived, He saw Myers and chased him with a pistol. Myers grabbed an open manhole cover. Keith said, Freeze!” Then Myers threw the manhole cover at Keith and hit his skull hard like a 90 mph fastball. Keith fell and was bleeding from the trauma. Then Myers hit the cover 7 more times on Keith’s skull and he was dead with his skull in pieces like a broken glass bottle. Then, Myers walked off into the woods.

Back at the jail cell, Laurie said, “We have to break out and kill Myers once and for all.” The officer said, “As long as I’m, you three will not breakout.” Then out of nowhere Myers grabbed his phone cord and strangled him to death. We screamed a got out of the cell. We ran for our lives. We saw a cruiser and drove off. One mile later we hit a tree and saw a morgue.


We saw the morgue. We saw Myers getting closer like a shadow. We ran into the lounge room past 10 doctors working on a new deceased body, next door. We decided to take a break. We said, “Where is Myers?” I said, “Um guys look.” We saw Myers. We were banging and said with terror, “Look out! Run!” Then Myers started to dice and slice every 10 doctors. We screamed and Bryce grabbed a knife and said, “Go I’ll take on Myers.” Laurie said, “What’s that’s a suicide mission!” Bryce said, “Just go!” We ran off and saw a broken morgue chamber with Myers’ last name in it. We ran into a science lab.

Meanwhile, Bryce was saying to Myers, “Come and get us you pointy eared face!” Bryce lunged at Myers. Then Myers grabbed his windpipe and stabbed a crowbar in his top skull killing him. Then, Myers picked his knife back up and headed to the science lab. Myers looked ticked off.

Back at the lab, Myers slammed the door down like Hercules. We ran and then Laurie got stabbed in the knee. Just before she was about to be stabbed, A doctor with a bloody skull was armed with a broken flask beaker and lunged at Myers and said, “I’ll teach you not mess with me.” Then he got stabbed in the aorta. Then he screamed and got stabbed in the heart. Then as he was stabbing I saw a bucket full of  Sulfuric  acid and threw it in his face. Myers fell down. Then, I grabbed a broken chair leg and started bashing him with it like trying to kill a fly. After three hits, I saw him twitching. Then I hit him 5 more times while yellow blood was pouring down his face finally dead. Laurie was bleeding. I called 911. I looked back and saw Myers dead once and for all. We got in the ambulance. 20 minutes later, I was in the hospital with Laurie. I said, “It’s finally over.” Meanwhile at the lab, Myers’ body was gone.


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