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The story of Sacagawea

September 8, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Sacagawea and Thomas had just escaped from group B. They were searching for group A. Sacagawea wanted to see Newt again. Thomas wanted Brenda by his side.

They were almost to group A when a thunderstorm started. Sacagawea and Thomas were running as fast as they can. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed around them.

" We can make it! I know we can!" Sacagawea said. Thomas stumbled a little bit. Newt and Brenda were screaming support at Sacagawea and Thomas.

Thomas and Sacagawea jumped into the building were Brenda and Newt were hiding. Thomas was scared and Brenda started to clam him down.

Sacagawea was gripping her black hair and taking a couple of deep breaths. Newt said," are you okay, Love?" Sacagawea looked at Newt and nodded to answer him.

Newt loved Sacagawea a lot. He decided to tell her that he loves her. " Sacagawea, can I tell you something?" Newt said. " Sure."
Sacagawea said.

" I love you so much." Newt said. Sacagawea blushed and said," I love you two. I've always had. When you came to the American Indian restaurant that my father was the owner, we became best friends. We played together all the time. I don't want to let you go ever."

Newt said," I didn't remember the first time I saw you. But I'm glad that you do. I don't want to forget you at all." Sacagawea and Newt kissed.

Thomas said ," hey love birds, lets go!" Newt and Sacagawea glared at Thomas. Minho said," come on!" Newt and Sacagawea walked hand in hand after thier friends.

Newt was happy to have Sacagawea by his side. Newt said," I had missed you." " missed you two,Newtie." Sacagawea said. Newt and Sacagawea found themselves in a tunnel.

A mouse with the flare was stumbling around. " poor mouse." Sacagawea said. Sunddenly, a crank grabbed it and ate it. " run!" Newt yelled. Sacagawea and Newt started to run.

Sacagawea slammed her shoulder into a wall and the roof fell down on the crank. Her shoulder was screaming in pain. Newt said," Are you okay?" " I'm okay! This isn't the frist time I had to that!" Sacagawea said.

Newt rembered when Sacagawea did it when she stopped Gally from bullying him. They kept running away. Newt still wanted her a lot.

Sacagawea and Newt soon caught up to thier friends. Sacagawea and Newt saw there Scottish friend, Millie. " hey, Millie." Sacagawea said. " Aye, is Minho around?" Millie said.

" I'm right here, Millie." Minho said. Sacagawea and her friends all enjoyed the reunion. Millie saw Brenda and said," come on in here, your a friend two. " Brenda was pulled into the group.

Sacagawea and Newt were happy. Minho and Millie were happy. Basically everyone was happy.

The author's comments:

This is a fan fiction of maze runner. I don't own Newt, Minho, Thomas and Brenda. I own Sacagawea and Millie.

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on Sep. 11 2017 at 7:10 am
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
81 articles 1 photo 91 comments
All rights go to James Dashner. Expect for Sacagawea and Millie. They are my own characters.