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The Fearless Night

January 2, 2020
By Anonymous

It was a cold February evening in 1938 in Germany. This was a time were Hitler and his Nazis stalked the streets. Anna was playing a card game with her best friends, Aaron and Josh. The three kids had a lot in common. They were the same age, they were only children, they lived in the same apartment building, and they were all Jewish. Anna was the only girl in the group so she was the ringleader. The boys didn't mind her bossy side, they thought it was cute. Anna had thick brown hair with blonde highlights. She had a button nose with freckles replicating star constellations that covered her face. Her eyes were a deep green color, almost the color of algae. Aaron was shy, he had blue ocean eyes and dark blonde hair. His eyebrows were almost two shades darker than his hair. His cheeks where a tinted shade of pink which matched his naturally red lips. Josh was the tough one, he had caring dark brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. He had a straight scar on his cheekbone, from an accident that the three friends got into a while back. Josh had a sculpted jawline with dimples to go with it. The three families were having Sunday dinner together, like they always do. It was Anna’s parents turn to host. When they finished eating the three kids decided to go to Aarons apartment to play cards. Their parents told them that once they got to Aarons apartment, to stay. They did not like them roaming the halls. Time passed and they felt the chilling February air pass through the window. They were well into their card game when they heard stomping through the halls, they knew what that meant. The Nazis had been roaming 

the halls. The boys had no idea what to do, normally their parents were there with them. But, Anna as the leader took charge and instructed them to hide in a small closet. She told them to be quiet but she could hear her own heart beating right out of her chest. They sat there for about three minutes until they heard a loud pounding on the door. 

“Stay.” Anna demanded to the boys. They did what they were told and it was not until about 30 seconds later when Aaron realized that it was not his apartment door that they were knocking on, it was Anna’s. 

“Our parents.” Aaron mumbled as Anna covered his mouth to be quiet. 

“They will know what to do, they always do,” Josh slowly said. 


It wasn't until about another minute later when they heard horrific screams and cries. 

“Mom?” Anna softly said as a tear ran down her cheek. Josh wrapped his arms around her  and pulled her in tight. This time Anna felt weak and needed comforting. Her head rested on his shoulder and he heard a soft sniffle. 

“Everything is going to be alright.” he whispered in her ear but the three all knew that was a lie. About 10 minutes passed and the six adults were being pulled out of the small apartment and taken with the Nazis. The Nazis would than take them to a nearby concentration camp where they may never see their kids again. Aaron, Anna, and Josh had heard countless amounts of stories and seen stuff like this happen many times, but they could not believe that this was actually happening to them. They thought that they may never see their parents again pained each one of them.

“We need to follow them.” Anna said firmly wiping away a tear.

“I know exactly what to do.” Josh said. He explained how one day Aaron and himself had found a fence opening at the nearby concentration camp. 

“I remember.” Aaron said. 

“If we stay out there we can eventually see our parents and get them free.” 

“Let's do it.” Said Anna with a sigh of relief. Aaron grabbed one of his backpacks and filled it with essentials. This included snacks, a blanket, a flashlight, socks and shovels. They all were aware of the frigid weather wore warm clothes. And so their journey began. The time was about 8:00 pm. They heard distinct voices as they slowly crept out of their apartment building. They walked out of the doors and onto Evergreen Avenue. Each kid could see their breath as they exhaled. It was as cold as the ocean in February. Josh lead them to the shadows of the streets were nobody can see them. Josh’s back was already sore from the heavy shovels attached to it. 

“Im hungary.” Aaron wined. 

“We brought crackers, remember.” Anna said pointing to the backpack on Josh’s back. Aaron tried to reach into the backpack and get the crackers, but he just could not get a grip of it. He was perplexed by this and when consulted with Anna and Josh, it was concluded that he had gotten frostbite. He wined in pain. Anna helped him by putting the socks that they brought over his hands. They could not waste any time, they needed to reach their parents by sunrise. 

By now it was about 10:00 pm. They refused to stop and after hours of walking, they reached the back of the concentration camp. Anna looked around and noticed her mom. It was 2:00 am. She wondered why her mom was walking around like this. She decided to make a distinct whistle sound that only her mom would know. It was quiet but loud enough were just her 

mom could hear. Her mother perked up and knew exactly what was happening. She gathered her husband and Aaron and Josh’s parents as well and they crept to the fence. 

“What are you kids doing here?” Anna’s mom said. 

“We came to get you.” Josh answered. 

“How did you kids even get here.” Josh’s dad. 

“We walked.” Aaron said softly.

“It's not safe.” said Aarons mom. 

“That's why we are getting you out now.” Anna said without hesitation. Josh grabbed the shovels and began to dig. 

“Let's make this fast son.” Josh’s dad said to him. Josh took a deep breath and nailed the shovel in to the rock frozen earth. 


He felt comfort as his father instructed him on what to do. The time was 3:00 am. The last scoop was dug and all of their parents were able to escape. They reunited with tight hugs. So tight that the cold was no longer an issue and they forgot about everything else for a little. But after a little while, the hugs had to end and they made their way home. They got home at 5:00. They all stood on the deck and watched the sun rise. They saw the dark sky become painted with colors like yellows oranges and pinks. They thought it was best to flee the country as soon as they got the chance. They were grateful for each other more than they ever have been that long night.

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