September 18, 2023
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a boy whose name was Adam and he loved the outdoors. He always lies in the leaves and grass. He found an angel that became his best friend. They did everything together. They rode bikes and played in the rain lying in the leaves together. The angel warned the boy about an apple that he should never eat. Adam was curious about what was so good about this apple but he never ate it. One day while walking past the tree where the apple was born there was a caterpillar. It whispered to him that he could have all the knowledge he could ever want if he just took a bite of the apple. Adam told the caterpillar that his best friend told him not to and that he shouldn't. The caterpillar had told him that his friend was lying and was trying to be greedy to have all the knowledge himself and Adam gave in and took a bite. Slowly the caterpillar transformed into a snake and slithered away. The angel had seen the whole thing and the angel was disappointed so he told Adam that he was sorry and left. So he went on a search for him but never found the angel.

Adam stayed up all night crying in his room and once he fell asleep the angel came out of his hiding place and watched over him. Once Adam woke up the angel was gone but let Adam a present with a note on it. The note said, “you won't ever see me again but I will always be watching over you.” Adam was upset but in the present, it was a clock they made out of leaves and sticks.
Adam realized that the clock was ticking down; he later became very ill near death, but he held the clock praying that one day he’d become better. He prayed and cried to the angel he realized he had cancer and there was no way he could cure it. He wanted to hang out with his friends, the friends he had made and they were frogs, fish, deer, and bears. He knew he had little time left so he wanted to hang out with the people he loved. Later that day Adam passed away. His friends mourn and weep over his death; the last thing they have from him is his clock to symbolize how little time you can have on earth. But once he passed Adam was told by his friends there was a place that had no sickness, a place where time isn't relevant, a golden palace. He so desperately wanted to travel there more than anything. He was met by a friend from when he was young, an angel. The boy had cried because he missed his friend so much he cried because he was mad and felt lied to. The angel told him he would watch over him and protect him. He was angry but he wouldn’t do anything because the angel was still his best friend and he loved the angel with all of his heart. The angel had wiped the boy's tears while giving a gentle warm feeling of protection like no other than not even a parent, lover, or anyone who could give. The angel had told him to find the palace and find god in his heart. The boy was confused not knowing what that meant. The boy thought about what he meant. The boy had always known there was a god but what could the angel mean in his heart? He questioned the angel but the angel did not answer him instead the angel held his hand kissed it and disappeared. Adam searched the afterworld searching for answers he saw the lush garden he was locked out of banned from forever. So he sat and watched the world grow. He watched the male birds flirt and tweet at the female birds. He watched the animals as they helped one another to make life work. The sun helps the plants grow, the bugs eat the grass, the small critters eat the bugs, the small critters are eaten by bigger animals and then they die and help grow the grass. It all goes in a circle. The circle of life Adam saw as it repeated and the world built and built itself and how the only thing that remained the only thing that never changed was a god. God was everywhere controlling everything. He saw god in himself. He opened his eyes and saw the thing he never saw in himself, god he saw how god was always there to love everyone and that he always had a plan no matter how much pain he gave people he always had a plan for them. He had opened his eyes that were already opened. He saw the gates, the pearly white golden gates opened in front of him and he saw his friend the angel but it wasn't the angel, it was god. His best friend had always been a god.
God has been good to him and he is glad to be with him for everlasting life. Adam had seen the gold fluorescent lights showering down on him; he felt a place of acceptance. Adam felt peace with himself and the world around him. All his sins had been rinsed away by the mercy, love, and forgiveness of god. He felt no more pain, no more sadness, anger or fear all Adam had felt was the love of God. Adam had some question on what's going to happen to him if he went “HELL” instead of going to heaven. God said “that will never happen to you my child.” Adam was relieved. He then lived in harmony with the earth and the creatures he had created and god and his angels.


Then the devil came out of nowhere and took Adam with him. God wrestled him and he slammed the devil and he was really mad and pulled out his pitch for HELL. He stabbed it into God, but he didn't feel anything and he had no bruises and no scars. God was just looking at the Devil in his eyes and he just used his words and the devil stared at Adam and gave him up because of his suffering. God freed Adam and him and Adam told the devil to be gone into the abyss and he got into his elevator and he was gone. He was never to be seen again. The End

The author's comments:

I dont really like to write like that for .real

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