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A letter to home

September 25, 2023
By jacoby2006 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
jacoby2006 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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A letter to home 
Jacob Stoll 
Dear mother, 
I miss you so much mother you cannot understand. I miss your warm hugs. I miss you taking care of me when I'm sick and unwell. I miss going shopping with you even though you take forever trying to find one item. This war is going to take a long one. Everyday gets longer and longer. There are days where I get no sleep and I am stuck patrolling the base, which is not the best. The worst days are when it rains, and I am not allowed to go in the shed, and it has gotten so bad I've almost contracted trench foot. Life here in South America is as rough as you think. 
When I get back home, I want you to make your heavenly apple pie. I dream every day about that sweet and succulent apple pie. You just add something magical that makes it taste so perfect. I want dad to also make his famous ribs. His ribs are so breathtaking with the sweet sticky sauce he puts on them. When you eat them, you must have a paper towel roll next to you because he isn't shy about the sauce. I have told the boys here about his ribs and they say he must know what he is doing. The food here is not the best and we have certain rations each day, so I have been starving for some days. Usually, the food is dry and normally stale, but that is what you get when you go into the army.  
So, how is my brother Gerald? Man, he has gotten to be so grown. Is he staying away from the girls?  Hopefully, he will stay out of trouble in school because I could not stay out of trouble. I was not the best kid in school, but I changed as I got older. Tell him I love him and when I get back home, I'm going to tell him about all the adventures I went through. Maybe those guys who come to your doorstep that give you an American flag can tell you about my journey because idk if I'm coming home. We are fighting like dawgs out here and it is getting jaggy out here.  
I got tragic some tragic news told to me today. You know my best-friend Ronny from down the road? Me and him were out collecting data on where the enemy was, 
 and we got rushed by a swarm of troops. We escaped from the troops quickly, but then I heard a bang and scream. There I saw Ronny lying on the wet green grass covered in red blood. I tried to save him, but I was too late and he told me to tell his mother that she was right. I do not know what he meant by that, but I ran back to base in tears and told my Seargent. I had to stay in my bunker for a few minutes after what happened. Brought a waterfall of tears to me. He was my buddy and now we cannot fight for our country together and come back home together. I wish it were me instead of him. He was so young, smart, and kind. He had so much to come back to. His girlfriend, brother, sister, and that stupid Guinea pig he has. God, I do not know how he fell in love with a Guinea pig, but I have heard of people with weirder pets they love.  
I know I just gave you so much information, but I just want to let you know I love. Hopefully, I can come back home and surprise you soon.  
Your Loving Son, 

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