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Alec of Troy- an Epic

October 16, 2010
By Aerolin PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
Aerolin PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
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"Fear is only in the mind"

“The weak always win, the hero isn’t afraid,”
Mocked the lion
Alec, the mighty mouse, laid on his death bed
Ready for the end
Heavy feet grew soft
The lion’s paws approached, faded, approached again
Alec pulled the sword out of his stomach,
pictures of his life, of his journey flashed before his dreary eyes,
and it began at his will to runaway…

Home was never where Alec’s heart was,
His will made him run to find his lost ‘self’,
The one he swore never to forget,
The mighty mouse wondered through the lifeless woods that died so long ago
Fire and cold drove him away to an old cabin
The goddess of love, Aphrodite, who was disguised as a woman named Mel,
offered a heart necklace
Good luck was bound into it to help him in time of need.

Mel put Alec to sleep with a magic spell,
He woke in an unfamiliar land,
Hot sand surrounded him and dunes as tall as mountains
in the distance were tall pointed mountains,
Scared and lost the mighty mouse almost gave in
Hunger pushed him to madness, the heart-shaped necklace made
The wind whisper to him to never give up
To look to the stars,
It will show you the way.

Alec listened to the wind and followed the stars.
They took him to a small village oasis with lush trees and a lake,
Beauty engulfed the village,
Flowers, palm tree, long flowing grass
Alec went into the village-the children welcomed him
it was a land of women and children
The women welcomed him too and let him stay.

The land was gorgeous, but Alec knew he couldn’t find his ‘self’ there
It resembled nothing of him
There was no government there,
No war.

He knew he had to find a war,
Find a certain place
But his memory was torn and shattered,
His ‘self’ was locked away literally in a closet, in a jar,
So the mighty mouse moved on, into the Egyptian desert again.

The desert was vast and void,
Sand flew in a fury creating a storm.
Lost and mapless, the mighty mouse roamed north into a foreign land.
A beautiful goddess named Athena, the goddess of war,
told Alec to run and not look back.
Never had he ran so fast still gripping the heart necklace in his hand,
The mighty mouse crossed a vast body of water
and entered a city torn from war.
He thought of this as good,
Maybe he could find his ‘self’ again.

He remembered back to the war
Where he lost his ‘self’
They lost the war his side had to give up their souls,
The resistance was impossible back then.
They trained since the time they were seven,
Spartan war school until he was an adult.
Then the war began, Sparta lost,
and they lost more than their country.
Alec was one of the few remaining free soldiers
He had to flee
But he was caught by the witches and they took his ‘self’
laying it in a glass jar.
Aphrodite, the goddess of love, embraced Alec,
She took him through time, so that he could find his ‘self’ there
Alec went to a new time
where he started a new life.

Alec went to a war that has changed since last time he fought,
He was destined by the goddess of love to find the soldier’s ‘selves’
He held the heart necklace and wind swirled around him,
It pushed Alec into the crossfire
It guided him to a building made of clay.

All around were shelves of glowing blue jars
each with dusty labels of the caught warrior’s names
Alec it read on one and only one
Finally the mighty mouse had arrived.

Noise of a man came closer
The mighty mouse ran,
But couldn’t run far in the small building,
The beautiful goddess of love, Aphrodite, met him again,
Alec, the mighty mouse, hid with her,
The lion-like warrior came closer
He wore shining armor
And wielded a sword
“You must fight for yourself,”
said Aphrodite, “To regain yourself.”

Alec looked at his heart necklace and at the goddess of love
She faded away leaving him,
The lion strode in and caught Alec
Who had his ‘self’ in his hand,
The knight drew his sword and gave it to Alec
“I cannot fight an unarmed man,”
The knight said, his code would not allow it.

Alec, having lost a war already,
Who lost himself,
Couldn’t remember how to fight,
He stabbed the sword into the dirt floor,
and crumbled to his knees.

The jar containing his ‘self’ dropped from his fingers
and cracked and shattered,
the blue, glowing ‘self” went into him and filled him
with old memories.
He reached for the sword stuck in the ground
But was too late.

The lion stabbed him with a roar
And mocked him as he twitched on the dirt
The mighty mouse, fighting for himself,
Grasped the bronze sword from his stomach
And finished the lion.

Horrified of death,
The mighty mouse clenched the heart-shaped necklace
For hope of revival
Aphrodite arrived and awakened both men
who were on their last breaths.

Memories of Alec’s life flooded his new eyes
His country’s defeat,
His beloved wife and child,
He yearned to save them all.

In fear, the knight disobeyed his code,
The lion scampered to his brothers to tell them his tale,
Alec rose to meet with Aphrodite,
The mighty mouse raised the necklace and offered it to her
She took it and disappeared.

Alec wondered what he would do,
He was in the wrong time and in an unfamiliar place,
Then Athena appeared as Aphrodite had
And congratulated him,
The mighty mouse begged her to take him back in time to the end of the war
He wished to change one thing.

It was around the year of 1210
The tenth and final year of the Trojan War,
Alec raced through the crowds of people in the night
Mycenaean soldiers snuck out of a grand horse
The mighty mouse woke his house wife
And young sports-loving daughter,
and fled the city.

The author's comments:
This story is written in a genre called an Epic (like The Odyssey), where things aren't clear and are written in poetry.

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