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History Back To Life

June 30, 2011
By EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
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I’m in a dark room. I can hear my heart beat. The pain of this real life computer program is waiting for my greatest fear to manifest. Adrenalin has every sense on high; every muscle tense to run. I’m picking up every sound,smell, and movement. Then i hear one sound, barely a whisper, and it stops my breath. I begin to break out in a cold sweat. I hear it again outside in the hall way. The large windows shows the silhouette of my worst nightmare. I back up and look for the nearest exit. There’s one but it’s on the other side of the room…next to the window. I hear the heavy breathing of my nightmare creature, the silhouette is sniffing the hallway curiously. I slowly inch toward the door. I wish there was a door that entered in the hall way so I can look my fear outside. There is no door just an open doorway.

“Bzzzzzz Bzzzzz”

Suddenly my phone vibrates. The creature snorts and is alert and as I fumble to turn my it off it reaches the door way. We look at each other and freeze. My biggest nightmare 6 ft tall and a fierce predator. The classic Jurassic park movie brought to life. A Utahraptor. As we stare at each other the raptor studies me. I hold my breath. His nose flares and saliva drips from it’s mouth onto the floor. He’s hungry and smelling my fear; I’m an easy meal. With a loud growl he launches at me. I scream and run into the other door and I yank it open. Not expecting me to open the door he crashes into it causing the door to slam shut and i’m sprawled onto the floor. I’m temporarily dazed but the will to live force me to get up. The raptor is blocking My only exit. I look around for a weapon and catch a glimpse of a pan on the sink and I grab it. The raptor cocks it’s head curiously toward my movement. The heaviness of the pan gives me slight comfort. A low growl comes from it’s throat and stalks back and forth watching me carefully; making sure that he doesn’t make the same mistake. Hearing it’s nails click on the floor sends terrors through my body.
“Click, clack, click, clack”
It continues to move back and forth judging his attack. I’ve got nowhere to run and it knows that. I’m cornered just like a weak hopeless prey. With a loud snarl he springs at me teeth showing talons out. Just before he reaches me I smell the the sickening sweet smell of dead flesh. With a determined yell I swing the pan as hard as I can. A loud Clang fills the room as the heavy skillet meets its skull. The Raptor caught by surprise screams in pain and crashes to the ground. Wasting no time I run to the door and yank it open. As I run through it, I see the raptor get up. Shock is in it’s eyes and it teeters. I hear it hiss angrily at me and I see it glance at me with new respect and hatred. I slam the door close hoping to leave my night time terror behind. But even I know this is far from over.

The author's comments:
It's part of a book called Nightmadon a computer program that releases and shows you your worst nightmares. In this one Christine's worst fear is Raptors.

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