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It’s Only the Beginning

October 19, 2011
By Sade101110 BRONZE, East Orange, New Jersey
Sade101110 BRONZE, East Orange, New Jersey
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" What goes around , comes back around "

Coldness and tension filled the air. Nothing could be heard, but screams, crashes, cries, and the sound of broken glass. In the year of 1940, kids and adults ran out of their homes, watching the Nazis burn down every store, school, home, and barber shop. And without a care, they then started to burn books to stop Jews from learning. While homes burnt down and didn’t seem to matter anymore, the Concentration camp came into the picture.
“Come on! Hurry, everybody into the train!” yelled the leader of the Nazis. A boy and his mother scurried onto the large rusty train. This boy name is David. He lived with his mother and his two little sisters in a small apartment above the stamp store. Unfournately, both daughters didn’t make it through the fire in time.
Sitting curled next to his mother, he thought of how life used to be. He and his family would sit in their small room listening to the radio. Not in a million years did David think this would happen. As soon as he started to doze off, the train came to a stop and his neck jerked back.
Everything was a blur; everything was so new to David. Where he lived the fences were nicely painted; here the fences were high up, pointy, and rusted some. Walking out of the cramped train behide many other Jews, he realize that this wasn’t just any camp; this was more of a prison chamber.
“Mama, I’m scared. I wanna go home, please I wanna go home,” whispered David.
“Son, I don’t know what to tell you right now,” his mother whispered back, disappointed in her answer.
Right before his eyes, both of them were snatched and dragged into a big chamber like room underground. “Everyone strip down now! Now!” yelled a Nazi. Not knowing what was going to happen next, everyone took their clothes off. David grabbed onto his mom and began to cry in distress. The Nazi left and closed the door, leaving many helpless souls in the chamber. Very little time passed before sounds of tiny pellets hit the ground of the chamber. Everything began to get cloudy, teary, and blurry in David’s eyes. The gas pallets were opening and filling the room.
“Mama…Mama,” he tried so hard to call out for his mom. Slowly, he fell to the ground, trying to crawl away from all the madness but his body started to shut down. On the cold ground of the chamber he laid there, no pulse, no heartbeat, nothing.
David wasn’t the only one. Many others died too, even his mother. Breathing heavily in the corner was a man around the age of 55. As his last breaths on earth slowed down he whispered, “The Holocaust is born…And this is only the beginning” Laying there on the ground were 150 people, children and adults, men and women, all dead. Nothing was left but motionless bodies and the crying soul of David.

The author's comments:
Well, I was told to write a story one day in my 8th grade class. I didn't know what to write it on then finally I thought to write it on the Holocaust. I was inspired from the time I went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

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