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April 19, 2009
By Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
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Lexi picked up a magazine.

“Uhg, it’s another story about me…”

“Read it Tawni! I mean Lexi…” Her best friend Alexa Emily shouted.

“Yeah, yeah, you just want to know if you’re in it.”

“True… But read it anyways.”

“Okay here goes. Superstar Tawni Elena releases her newest album Listening To My Life. Fans have been waiting since midnight at all stores for this phenomenal moment. On Listen to My Life, she has her newest singles, Listening to My Life and Perfectly Aligned. Tawni Elena still hasn’t revealed her face to us. We have heard her beautiful voice, seen her wonderful outfits and met with her closest friends, Alexa Emily, Tyler David, Tony Cooper, and Cameron Levi, all superstars in their own way. We all know Alexa Emily and her chart topping albums and singles. We also know her hot boyfriend of two years, Cameron Levi. Tyler David is Tawni’s closest guy, and we’ve all seen his million dollar movies and of course there is Tawni’s rumored boyfriend Tony Cooper. If you are reading this Tawni Elena, we here at Popstar Magazine hope that you will soon show your sure-to-be beautiful face to the world!” Tawni stopped reading.

“Is that all?”

“Yup. And they filled up a page with a picture of my album cover.” Lexi got up. “Alexa you really need to stop hanging around with me. Someone is going to get suspicious! We can chill out in my house, but here, at school, you need to act like I’m the plague and run for your life. You know I love you and all, but I’m just not ready to give up my regular life yet.”

“Okay, I get it of course. Sometimes I wish I could be just Alexa Emily, a girl, not Alexa Emily, superstar. And we’ll hang out after school. Promise?”

“Totally promise! Now go!”

Lexi meandered back to her lonely lunch table and pulled out a notebook. She was working on a song for Cameron, who was her boyfriend, but no one knew yet:

So glad I found you

Can’t believe I lived so long without you

You’ve open up my heart

And gave my life a jump start

Now that I’ve found you, oh, oh, you

My world is complete

With you standing by me

And I was looking for you, oh, oh, you

Now I found you

When I’m around you

My brain doesn’t know what to do

You’ve given me another reason

To live, to live, to live

And are you glad you found me too?

Oh, oh, oh, I love you.

She smiled at her completed masterpiece. All she needed to do was pick a tune for it. The bell rang like always, and Lexi sighed, picking up her backpack. Another hour of torture. Why did she need to learn math anyways??? Lexi shuffled her feet all the way to her classroom. And of course, she was late. Again.

“Lexi Victoria Roberts, this is the third time you have been late this week! Go to the principal’s office. NOW!”

The whole class started snickering and Lexi’s face burned. It was moments like this when she wanted to show everyone that she’s Tawni Elena, superstar. But she kept her mouth shut and walked out the door. The principal scolded her, she got her pass and she started walking back, taking a quick detour to the restrooms. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Long, brown hair, that was straightened the way all the girls at school had it. Large green eyes that, quoting Alexa, peered into the soul, and there were some very ugly souls. Her complexion was clear, she had no makeup on. She was gorgeous, so why did the school hate her so much? High school girls were rude and mean; guys were gross. Lexi was actually kind of glad she didn’t fit in; it let her be who she wanted to be.

At the end of the day, finally, Lexi walked the two miles to her house where she lived with her hired help, Kristen. Lexi’s house was large and spacious. She had rooms with clothing, rooms with television sets, rooms with game sets, and a room with a tennis court. Lexi had a soft spot for tennis. She plopped down on her fluffy couch and groaned slightly. Another horrible day. The T.V was on and, surprise, surprise, they were talking about Tawni Elena’s new album. Lexi rolled her eyes and flipped to Disney Channel. Ahhhh, something funny to watch. Sonny with a Chance was on, with Demi Lovato. Lexi, well... Tawni, was pretty close to Demi, but she never really showed her face to Demi yet. She always wore huge sunglasses. This episode was when Sonny pretended to date Chad Dylan Cooper to get back at some other guy. Lexi’s mind drifted from the show.

“LEXI! OPEN THE DOOR!” Tony, Tyler, Cameron, and Alexa shouted at once.

Lexi startled out of her daydream about nothing and ran to the door.

“Sorry! I totally fell asleep…” She grinned sheepishly.

Alexa hugged her. “No problemo girlina.”

Cameron and Tyler both squeezed her. Tony kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Come on in you guys. How about we engage in a friendly game of tennis where I beat you all in ten minutes?”

“Sounds like so much fun.” Alexa muttered, laughing.

“I know! Now get your butts moving!”

And just like Lexi said, in ten minutes she had destroyed everyone.

“You are way too good at this Lexi. Way too good.” Tyler whacked her lightly on the head.

“No, you’re just really, really bad.” She whacked him back.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever…”

“Let’s check the news.” Alexa suggested.

“No, let’s not.” Tony cut in.

“Why not?” Alexa argued.

“Because… I, uh, want a rematch.”



“Break it up you two. I agree with Alexa. Let’s check the news.”

All five teens headed to the main T.V.

“Breaking news. Actor Tony Cooper has been caught with ex-girlfriend Riley Alexandra.”

A picture of them kissing showed up on screen. Lexi paused the T.V.

“Tony?” She asked, her voice dangerous.

“Umm, Lexi, honey, it, uh, isn’t what it looks like.”

“Really?” Lexi started the program again.

“We have an exclusive interview with Riley. So Riley, are you and Tony a couple again?”

“Of course we are! We never were apart actually. He started dating Tawni, but he never really liked her.” Lexi paused the T.V there.

“Hmm, never really like me huh?” Lexi turned on Tony.

“Lexi, baby, she’s lying!”

Lexi started the T.V. “Here is proof that Riley is not lying.”

An IM message between Tony and Riley showed up on screen. “This confirms it all. And this is Christina reporting live, breaking news.”

Lexi shut the T.V off and rounded on Tony. “How DARE you! You lying, deceiving, backstabbing jerk!” She screamed. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW.”

She shoved him out the door. “AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK.”

Lexi collapsed onto the couch, sobbing. She felt someone hugging her and looked up to see Tyler.

“Are you okay Lexi?”

“I, I, I don’t know.”

He held her and they sat there quietly.

“Wait… Where are Alexa and Cam?”

“They left, to give you some down time.”

“Okay, tell them thanks for me.”

“Sure, Lex. I have to go too, but I can stay if you need me.”

“No, no, Ty, you should go, I’ll be fine.”

He got up gently and left the house. Lexi ran up to her room and picked up her guitar and sang, “Get out, get out, get out. Cuz I found out, found out, found out. About your new girl, new girl, new girl. So get out, get out, get out. You told me you loved me, yeah, yeah, yeah. But then you turned around and gave your love to someone else. Woah, woah, woah. So get out, get out, get out. Get out, get out, get out. Cuz I found out, found out, found out. About your game, your game, your game. It’s lame, lame, lame. Don’t think that I miss you, anymore. Don’t think that I want you back, just get out and stay out, don’t need you in my life! Get out, get out, get out! Yeah, yeah, get out.”

Lexi sighed and sank into her pillows.

Five months later.

“You know what Alexa?”


“I think it’s time.”

“To reveal?”

“Yeah. So you tell a magazine that Tawni Elena will be at Buckwhite High School performing for the first time.”

“Got it.”

Two weeks later.

“Everyone, welcome, Lexi Victoria!”


Lexi got on stage and started to sing, “Two girls, from different worlds, You showed me who I could be. Together we grew, our friendship gave us something new. You are, outrageously outgoing, sarcastic funny, I opened up to you. Woah, woah. We stuck together, through all kinds of weather, needed each other to see us through. I’m crazily shy, bookish and nerdy, you helped me, I helped you. We stuck together, through all kinds of weather, need it each other to see us through. We are so different, yet still so alike. What matters most is what’s inside. Yeah, yeah, we’re perfectly aligned.”

When Lexi opened her eyes, the audience was staring at her in amazement. Then someone screamed. “Oh my gosh you are Tawni Elena!”

Cameras flashed and by the next day, every newspaper had Lexi’s face on it.

A month later.

“Sitting on a bench at school, listening to you, talking at a singer, talking about a superstar. I’m listening to my life, getting a look through your eyes, you’re wondering who I am, little do you know, I’m standing your side, listening to my life. I chose to be the way I am, because I have a plan, wanna listen to my fans, who do you think I am? Chart topping, but no one’s seen me yet.”

The crowd when wild and then a single scream was heard. “That guy has a gun!”

In an instant the crowd went crazy, retreating in all direction and Lexi saw the gun pointed at her. Amiee Davis was standing by his side. Ugh, Amiee. Amiee hated Lexi with a burning passion. Now that she knew who Lexi really was, her hatred grew. The main reason was because she like Tyler and everyone knew Tyler liked Lexi, or Tawni, whoever she is.

Everything happened very quickly then. At one moment Lexi was staring at the gun, the next moment, Tyler was on the ground, bleeding. His shirt was soaked in blood.

“Someone call the ambulance!” Alexa screamed.

Lexi knelt down by Tyler, sobbing. “Tyler, Tyler!” But it was too late. He was gone.

A year later.

Lexi officially changed her name to Tawni. She was at another concert, singing the song she wrote for a friend who died to save her life.

“Going through the motions, of living. Acting like there’s nothing wrong, trying to move on. You’ll always be close to my heart, even now, when we are forever apart. I never saw you, for who you were. Couldn’t tell how much I needed you. I was so blind, you were always by my side, helping me, loving me, guiding me through life. You rescued me from heartbreaks, couldn’t stand to see me in pain. You blocked me from the gun, and now you’re gone. I’m needing you, loving you, wishing that it could all be different. You were always there, I was so blind yeah. Now, now, now, you can’t be by my side.”

Then Tawni closed her eyes and whispered, “I’ll always love you Tyler.”

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This article has 2 comments.

on Jun. 26 2009 at 1:24 am
AdoroPiano SILVER, D, Other
8 articles 0 photos 5 comments
You have the skills to write some awesome stuff, but I think the modern world and things like double lives have influenced you too much. Try writing something totally new and different. By the way you wrote this, even if the plot might not be right on, you could be awesome.

Sandraaaa GOLD said...
on Apr. 24 2009 at 12:11 am
Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
11 articles 3 photos 6 comments
this is wrong...

She was working on a song for Cameron, who was her boyfriend, but no one knew yet:

its supposed to be Tony, not cameron