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April 21, 2009
By HopelessRomantic GOLD, Fayetteville, Arkansas
HopelessRomantic GOLD, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Chapter 11: Confusion…

For weeks, everything seemed to move smoothly. Abigail and I weren’t picked on and Carmen was the best friend for Abigail that she could ever ask for. Then Carmen’s birthday came along.

It was apparently going to be a large affair. I knew that I would be invited, but that Abigail and I would be the only two there that everyone would slight.

My cell rings suddenly as I am getting ready for the party in fresh jeans and a button down top with sneakers.


“Hey, Daniel…I don’t know what to wear!”

“Hmmm…this is a dilemma indeed…”


“Okay, okay…hmm…I heard some girls say they were wearing dresses.”

“Okay, thanks! I will wear a dress.”

“Okay, bye.”

“See you then.”

I hang up and scream at my mirror. I’ve never seen Abigail in a dress and I’m afraid to.

I head out and over to Abigail’s house to walk her there and she is waiting on the porch, wearing a stunning red dress that stops just above her knees with a square neckline and simple sparkling embroidery on an empire waist.

“Hello, beautiful…” I whisper.

She blushes and says, “Let’s go.”

We walk to Carmen’s house at 4658 E. Timberline Drive. We can hear the music bopping from the house when we walk near and it practically deafens us when we walk inside.

When we walk in, we get right into the swing of things. The music is irresistible and our feet start moving to the beat and soon we are dancing.

After a few fast tunes, Carmen puts on a slow tune. “Okay, everyone, let’s slow it down a bit…Pick a partner!”

I look at Abigail, who is looking down at her shoes. Uncertain what to do, I quickly stride over to Carmen and ask her to dance.

Carmen joins me on the floor and we begin dancing.

“Where’s Abigail?” She says.

“I think she went to get something to drink.”

“I can see her. She’s sitting down watching us.”

“She is?” I turn, and see her. She waves.

“She looks lonely. Why don’t you ask her to dance?”

“I will, when we finish this tune. Please play a second slow tune.” I beg her.

“Don’t worry, I will.”

When we turn, I see Mark ask her to dance. She looks wary, but joins him on the dance floor. He dances with her, but I see him become aggressive.

“Uh, Carmen…?”

“What, Daniel?”

“Mark is getting a little touchy with Abigail…”

She flips around, but it is too late. Abigail shrieks as Mark picks her up and carries her off. She is pounding him and kicking him and struggling in his arms.

The rest of the party ignores the four of us. It is like we exist in our own world in this moment.

Abigail looks over Mark’s shoulder and yells my name.

I run towards her, but Mark runs as well, taking her into a room and shutting the door.

I twist the doorknob only to hear the lock click. I pound on the door, swearing. Abigail continues to scream and call my name in desperation.

Suddenly Carmen appears, her face a dark angry mask. “Mark is so dead.”

She shoves a key in the lock and twists the door open to see Mark halfway on Abigail, trying to yank her dress down. She spits in his face and he turns to see Carmen and I in the doorway.

“Mark. Get. Out. Now.” Carmen says in a low angry tone.

“But, Carmen, I—” Mark starts sweetly.

“Can it! I don’t want to hear it,” her voice breaks and her façade crumples. “You’ve ruined my birthday. Just get out.”

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This is chapter 11

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