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The Girl who defied all odds

April 29, 2019
By 3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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Tara, a 15-year-old with some flaws, was extremely short for someone her age. She’s only 4 foot 1. Her eye was knocked out at the age of 9 due to a car accident, so therefore she wears an eyepatch. Due to these defects, she doesn’t have many allies and is easy prey for bullies.

She was walking to her locker when she saw a boy who was 16 and had a prosthetic leg and his best friend, who had Alopecia, a disease that causes major hair loss. “Hello. I see you have a prosthetic leg and Alopecia. Guess I’m not the only flawed one here” Tara said as she introduced herself to the boys. The boys and she laughed. The boy with a prosthetic, whose name was Miles, introduced himself to Tara. Then, 3 girls who bullied Tara a lot, whose names were Mia, Emily, and Ava, came by and told her that she will never be able to ride a bike, a dream Tara had for a while, and the girls started to kick her. “Leave her alone” Miles yelled. The boy with Alopecia, who’s name was L.J, tried to pull the bullies away, but they kicked him to the ground. Tara, now crying on the ground, wanted to show the girls she was like them.  The intercom came up, announcing a BMX competition. The boys helped her up. She told the boys she wanted to enter, even though she didn’t know how to ride a bike. She thought the boys would laugh, but they didn’t and were obliged to teach her, So, they went to L.J.’s house. They showed her how to touch the pedals. Then, they tried on a bike course L.J.’s older brother invented. When the big day came, they were ready.

Sure enough, the bullies were there to jeer Tara. The boys’ groups had already gone. L.J. got gold in his division, which was the junior division, and Miles, also a junior, received silver. Tara was in the girls’ sophomore division The gates were open. Tara pedaled with all her might. She flew over the ramps, did some stunts, and then, she did it. She got first place. The boys congratulated her and carried her on their shoulders. She was never bullied anymore and soon became the most popular kid in school.

The author's comments:

I made this piece around International Women's Day. I believe that (even though I am a guy) anything a guy can do, a woman can do just as good or even better. I am a big supporter of women everywhere and no matter if you are short, tall, gay, straight, strong, weak, brave, timid, or in between. I believe the saying "women are thots" is just a stereotype that should always be defied.

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