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The Secret Side of the Ocean.

September 17, 2019
By Bella_Queen DIAMOND, Plymouth, Ohio
Bella_Queen DIAMOND, Plymouth, Ohio
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-Walt Whitman

The silky waves enfold me as I crash through the surface of the water.

I stay completely still, as I begin to sink slowly but surely, my lungs begging me to rise to the surface and fill them with air.

I am drowning.

I am dying.

And there is nothing I can do. 

I shake myself out of my daze and begin to claw at the water, and kick my feet. But it is no use, I do not know how to swim, I am helpless as the cold foreboding water drags me further down.

It is a monster, the water, it acts cool and calm, but once you are to close it grabs your legs and forces you down into the darkest depths of the water. It is dangerous, and cold, it has no feelings, it feels no remorse for the lives it has stolen.

This is the side the Ocean tries to hide from us.

This is the secret side of teh Ocean.

I swallow and inhale water, as I try to scream for help. Bubbles float from my open mouth, but otherwise there is no sound. I go unheard, like the lilies I use to pluck from the ground, they had no way to tell me to stop. They had no voice.

I have no voice.

I stop my screaming, and my body becomes heavy. I can't move. My green eyes flutter closed. My hair floats around my face. And my brain goes dead.

I am now one with the water.

I am now dead.

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