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May 14, 2009
By ash2011 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
ash2011 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
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It all happened in one summer,with one kiss,and with each other. I felt like the Earth would melt beneath my toes with him next too me. This might come out wrong but i know every girl wanted to be me. Kyle was that amazingly gorgeous. His hair was so very soft as i ran my fingers through it,but his eyes,oh them eyes could burn your soul. Sometimes i thought he was once a barbie doll,ken to be exact. Just like Life size,a movie about a doll becoming human. Besides i knew for a fact he was real. Our summer long romance told me so,the way his fingers caressed my skin told me so. But that was before..everything. "..Yes Mary.She is my daughter to i have a right to my opinion as do you. No,i am the man of this household i am not having a b****** crying constantly,out of the question." B******.My own father called my newborn daughter a b******,that is what babies born into a single spouse world is called. It was harsh. I should have a choice,no,i should have THE choice. "stop.Everyone just stop yelling. This is my baby. Not yours.None of your's! Caroline is mine! And i am not giving her up just because her father is not around. I cannot beleive you father." This is what that steamy hot summer gave me,more than i bargained for. Nobody seen this coming. This precious tiny baby with ten small fingers and toes. I look into her face,there is me in her eyes but him in her smile. He does not even know. Then again i doubt he would care,nobody goes in the way of his dreams. What about my dreams? Mine are on hold and i am paying the consequences of this while he parties every night with blonde bimbo's.That doesn't matter anymore though. My parents relationship is hanging by shreds of love,very little shreds. I mean if this were a mormon family i would not be the let down of the family for having a baby,oh no,that would make me the favorite. If i was a mormon girl the only shame on me out of this situation would be having um.. realtions with a non-mormon guy.

The author's comments:
If this piece is liked i will continue on. It is about real life things. A teenage girl having a new born baby,and about how she and her family is dealing with it.

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