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May 29, 2009
By Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
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The beginning of apple season begins and a farmer decides to grow a new apple tree. He plants the seed and watches his new tree grow. When the tree finally starts to grow and the apples start to hang delicately from the branches, He knows the season had definitely began.
One of the apples hangs on the tree and watches all the children play and laugh in the summer sun. He waits to get picked off the tree watching other apples fall the ground one by one. He thinks; “I don’t want to fall off onto the ground and rot.” So he waits patiently day by day.
Then something strange happened to him. He felt something tickly inside him. And then he sees something out the corner of his stem. He sees a worm come wiggling out of his red bright skin, which shines from the reflection of the daylight. He smiles and still hangs there patiently to get picked.
Rain fell heavily from the sky today; no one came to the park. He wonders what the bigger apples with feet were doing today. When the rain finished he saw colors in the air. The first color he saw was red then orange then yellow then green then blue and purple. Now he knew what the apples with feet did on a rainy day.
The next day there were packs of people at the park. One by one the apples were getting picked off the tree. “Today is the day!” the apple thought. “I will get picked off this tree by the apples with the feet.” As his neighbors left he said goodbye and put a huge grin on his face. The day ended and he was the only apple left on the tree. He started to cry and made colors of his own. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t get picked. The apple heard a noise and looked up. It was one of the apples with feet and a hat. He wondered what his creator was doing next to him. The apple started to feel very light. He opened his eyes and noticed he was no longer on the tree anymore. The farmer took a big bite of this apple. The apple started to feel short of breath and wondered why he had felt this way. Everything in his body began to slow down and his eye started to shut very slowly. He thought to himself, “I wish I never got picked off the t



When the farmer was finished with the apple he licked his lips with delight. He had never tasted such a wonderful apple before. He decided he wanted to plant a new tree again. He took one of the seeds from the apple he just had finished and planted it into the ground.
A few years later, when the apple tree finished growing, his wife gave birth to a new born baby. The baby took its first yawn and opened its eyes. The apple now had apple legs and was now ready to pick another apple of its own.

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