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The love of my

August 3, 2009
By ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
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Today’s just another old summer day. We always have the same old schedule each week: party, relax, drink, surf, party, and once again drink. You can’t do much in a small town like this. Today of coarse was a surfing day and like always I go with my best friend Josh Hanway.
We were waiting by a small shop: Woolen’s waxes for our boards. Obviously our boards were being waxed. Today was slightly windy. Of all surfing days today was defiantly the best of all days to surf, or maybe the worst. I bumped elbows with Josh and he laughed.
“Okay sir, here’s your board and you miss. There you go,” said the clerk as he handed me my board and josh his.
“Thanks,” Josh and I said at about the same time. “Square jinks.” He beat me to the cut.
“Oh Gosh, well at least you can beat me at something. I’m just kidding.” I laughed and Josh did the same.
We walked over to our regular rest spot and sat down throwing our boards next to us. Ever since we were kids we always had the rule that first one to the water starting at 11:11 p.m. or a.m. most likely a.m. would get to surf first and the other would wait and watch. It was one minute till then. I stood
And Josh followed. Then the countdown began:
………..Twenty………Ten…..five. Four.Three.Two.One. Go!” We yelled.
We were head on to one another. I then sped up and went a little faster just enough to win. I turned to face Josh’s direction. He was smiling and then we hugged. I ran back to get one more thing. I had my board in hand.
I smacked my board onto the surface of the ocean. A small bit of water went into the air. I hopped on to the board and began to paddle. A wave was about a half mile away. I had about a minute and a half till the wave hit my area. I turned in Josh’s direction. He and Ben Michaels one of his friends were cheering my name. They both blew a friendly kiss to me and I reached up to catch the invisible kisses.
“Go Sophe! You’re great.” They yelled. His happy, sweet, white smile then changed ecstatically. It was worried, sad; no where near happy. I turned back to the wave confused. I didn’t expect for the upcoming wave to be current and right there. I was then forced from my board and thrown into the beast’s mouth. I could only do one thing; watch as the wetness fills the spaces all around me.
“Agghhhh!” I attempted to scream but failed deeply. All that came out of my mouth was the very little air I had left, but plenty of water went in. I began to sink. I was finally pushed up out of the water then pulled right back in. My foot then hit something hard. I hit a rock.
“Yes the shore.” I said in my mind. My foot then hit another bunch of rocks except this time my foot didn’t just come right off of the rocks, it got stuck and right in the middle of those evil pieces of hardness. It began to sting. I felt the blood rushing out of my body.
Something else hit me and this time it wasn’t just a rock. It was a fish and it wasn’t small. It was a shark. Not huge or anything but any shark is a shark to me. I cried but no tears came out. I pulled my foot as hard as I could but only more blood rushed out. It was a shark hotspot now. Another shark appeared. I thought to myself my last words then tried as hard as I could to say them a loud with my eyes closed;
“I love you Josh. I love you.”
Darkness now took the place of the red water. I felt a pinch, a bite, a shark. ………….

“Come on Sophie.” A voice that sounded near Josh’s voice that was coming from a few feet away
“When did you pull her from the water?” Another voice, most likely a doctor.”
“I, I, I don’t know sir,” Josh said trembling.
“Okay kid we got her in our hands now you can go home. You seem a bit startled by the situation.”
“No I’m not going anywhere.”
“Then I guess I can’t make you leave the waiting room.” The doctor said pointing out the door.
“I love you josh.” I said as loud as my burning throat could.
I heard footsteps and they were running in my direction. I suddenly felt that my lips had a sudden boost of pressure. Josh kissed me.
“I love you to Sophie.”
I smiled this time in embarrassment.
I looked around. I was in a clinic. I was on a small bed. Josh picked me up and put me in a wheel chair that was next to the bed. I looked down and my leg was covered in bandages. And my foot, well it had teeth marks and scratches all over it.
“Hey Josh new rule first time we go in together.”
“No problem.” He whispered and laughed following right after his words.
“Hey, Josh.”
“Yes Sophie.”
“Tell me what happened to out there what you saw.”
“Okay well it all started when…………………”

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on Sep. 15 2009 at 5:13 pm
ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
22 articles 65 photos 53 comments
awww thanks ill be sure to look at your work k.:) god bless you

on Sep. 5 2009 at 9:32 pm
McKaylacutie BRONZE, Woodinville, California
1 article 14 photos 7 comments
I loved it AAshley! You need to right a book.

on Aug. 8 2009 at 1:56 am
ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
22 articles 65 photos 53 comments
Please rate me id really like to know if i indeed am a good writer.

Thanks and i will return the favor