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July 31, 2009
By ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
ashleyt PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
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Shy and quiet Railina miigul walked the halls of her school in the second to last year of school. Her hair was in her face, and her make up was very mild. A soft single layer of peach colored lipstick and a layer of grayish looking mascara. She was in a pair of jeans and her favoite button up blue shirt. She had a pair of black nike shoes and navy earrings. She was an undiscovered goreous girl. She just needs a push.

She looked up at the old warn out ceiling. She past the broken desk in the hall. She then turned her attention back to school work. She walked into her last period class and pretty soon she was walking home to her small three bedroom house. Her twin-sister Salanda joy had died from a car accident not to long ago so now Railina has her own room. She still thinks about those great days when salanda and her would walk home together and tell each other all their problems. Now its hard for Railina even to look in a mirror, Because she sees salanda staring back at her. Salanda was the comlete opposite of Railina, cheerleader and very dressy with more than a little lipstick. Yet Salanda was the nicest person. She then died of that car accident. Railina is very lonely now but still is happy that her sister is in heaven watching over her.

So Railina gets one room and her mother and father get one room. THe extra bedroom is taken by thier uncle's and aunt's daughter ley Ann. The person who once also lived in the spare room died to in the accident, Their uncle Ester, and his wife Lina, Ley Ann's mother and father.

They still are forced to live without them. Then thats how their family ended up this way. That night Railina went to her closet and looked at the top shelf. There lay a bow of Railina's old cloths when she liked to dress the way Salanda did. Railina stared at the box and then she heard a voice. It sounded like Salanda. It said, "All this time, You stayed and you waited for me to come home, But i can't but i can talk to you, Go ahead you just need a push, a push, a push. Bring it down and try them on. Just a push, a push, a push."

"A push, a push, a push" Repeated Railina as she pulled down the good sized box..............

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