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Love and best Friends Just Don't Mix

October 6, 2009
By Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
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"Live Life Like A Song."

Timmy Gracie. Ever since Jackie threw the surprise party for Marissa, He had occupied every thought and girlish fantasy I had. It was a cold February night. The air had a newly fallen snow smell and the wind had little snowflakes in it, making it look almost magical. The party had a few boys, but mostly girls. I was dancing with everyone, until When You Look Me in the Eyes by the Jonas brothers came on and everyone paired into couples. Me being well…me, I was single and therefore, forced to sit down. I watched the happy gleam in the new couple’s, Lauren (one of my best friends) and Bobbie, eyes as they swayed in a dreamlike trance. Back and forth, arms around each other, a peaceful and happy glow radiating out from their embrace. I sighed, why can’t I be that happy? Why does Lauren get all the luck?
“Hey Kassie. Um, do you wanna dance?”
I woke from my trance to see Timmy standing directly in front of me. I had always thought Timmy was kind of cute. He was muscular, tall, his eyes were a chocolate brown that gave me a sense of calm, and his brunette hair was perfectly cut. But I had never considered LIKE liking him.
“Um, sure?” I said reaching for his hand. We walked toward the middle of the room, and in just one graceful movement, he took me in his arms and we were swaying. The rest of the world melted away as a carelessly laid my head on his shoulder. It seemed as though my eyes and heart had just opened for the first time. This MUST be what love feels like. I thought taking in a breath. Oh! He smelled amazing! Abercrombie and Fitch cologne. But, every song must end and this one ended much too quickly, and before I knew it, everyone was dancing to Please Don’t Stop the Music and I was getting a drink.
That night when I got home, I did the only reasonable thing,
I fell in love.

The months after the party were a blur. My mind thought nothing but Timmy Gracie & Kassie O’Reily. Kassie Gracie….. Every time I saw him at one of the D.A.R.E functions we volunteered at, I tried to be in the same station as him. My heart leaped when he said simple words to me, when he smiled, when I heard him laugh. Every night I dreamt that he would love me the way I loved him. I dreamt that I would be at another party, and he would kneel down and propose. Amber said;
“Kassie, he’s kinda a jerk.”
Lauren said;
“Kassie I love you! But Timmy doesn’t deserve you.”
Holly said;
“Kassie, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN HIM?!?!?”
These comments and others continued for weeks, but they were forgotten when Lauren announced her party on Saturday. When I heard Timmy was going to be there and that I was invited, my heart soared! It’s going to be like the party we met at I thought dreamily walking home. We’re going to fall in love! I thought all the way already forming a perfect fantasy. There was only 1 thing standing in my way.
My mom.
Her and my dads were going out that night, and I was supposed to babysit my sister with my cousin Mandy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mandy to death, but this party was a little more important. Too bad my mom couldn’t see that. And I was forced to stay home.

Its here. Saturday, April 4th, 2009. The party started 2 hours ago, but I’m in the car going to get ice cream with my uncle. I text Lauren to see how everything is going.
Kassie- Hey sweetie! Hows the party going?
Lauren- Great! Can I ask you a question???
Kassie- Duh!
Lauren-How would you feel about me and Timmy….dating?

My stomach drops and the air disappears from my lungs.
Kassie- What?
Lauren- Kassie, I asked him out and he said yes. He doesn’t like you. He likes me. Don’t be mad =)

My heart stops, my hands go cold, my thoughts spins like a top. How could she? She doesn’t even like him. I’m in complete shock. Mandy sees my pale and shocked expression and grabs my phone to see what happened. She knew about how I felt about Timmy. Her eyes look as big as plates. We don’t know what to say. The rest of the ride to get ice cream, getting the ice cream, and coming home is a blur. She doesn’t expect me to be MAD???? She asks out the guy I haven’t stopped thinking about for months and she wants me to be okay about it?!?! I climb into bed feeling completely numb. My parents tell me this is a life lesson; I learned who I can & can’t trust and who my real friends are. Mandy had explained it to them when I came into the house with icy tears streaming down my cheeks. I can’t sleep. All I can picture is Timmy’s face, the fantasy of him leading me in another wonderful slow dance, his lips touching mine, and everything in the world just slipping away. And then, almost like a bomb exploding the image, Lauren takes my place and I am left alone in the cold. Part of me sees the reason, I’m no Lauren. Lauren was a tiny, blonde, beautiful ray of sunshine. I was tall, awkward, had sandy blonde hair, and was a little strange at times. It was like choosing between a princess and the Princess’s laundry maid.
But it still was extremely painful.

I wish I could tell you I found a better friend then Lauren and that Timmy dumped her and realized he really loved me. But that would be a fairytale, this is reality and none of that happened. So let this be a fair warning to all falling in love for the first time.
It’s all a fairytale,
Until someone shuts the book and takes you back to the real world.

The author's comments:
This is a stroy I wrote after I was angry with my friend Laura. I hope it helps anybody whos been bertayed by a friend or lost a serious crush. Enjoy.

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on Jun. 9 2010 at 6:40 am
TanazMasaba GOLD, Dhaka, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's Heaven on Earth."

---William W. Purkey

"Until some one shuts the book and takes you back to the real world."

I can totally relate to that part. Its one of the reasons why I write.

emily23 BRONZE said...
on Jan. 21 2010 at 5:29 pm
emily23 BRONZE, Solon, Maine
3 articles 0 photos 126 comments

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Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning.

idc if there was anything wrong it was a great story!

-Kal- GOLD said...
on Jan. 15 2010 at 7:48 pm
-Kal- GOLD, Carthage, North Carolina
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"Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and recieves the impossible"

"I watched the happy gleam in the new couple’s, Lauren (one of my best friends) and Bobbie, eyes as they swayed in a dreamlike trance." This line could be written better as "I watched the happy in gleam in Lauren and Bobbie's (the new couple) eyes as they swayed in a dreamlike trance.

"That night when I got home, I did the only reasonable thing, I fell in love." This line is a little confusing. It makes since and all, but it doesn't really quite fit where it is.

Ok, I have to say, your ending totally rocked!!! Lol. Outside of a few typos and the two things I pointed out, I really can't think of anything else that you could work on here. Great job. 5 stars :)