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Because I am Gifted

October 20, 2009
By YouCanCallMeAlex SILVER, Cavecreek, Arizona
YouCanCallMeAlex SILVER, Cavecreek, Arizona
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Cliara was a small girl, about 5’2. She stepped into her dorm, invisibly, and sat down onto her bed. She was only 15 years old, but knew more than anyone that she has ever in countered, no Cliara is not a super genius. She can read mind though. She has bright blue eyes and jet black hair. Cliara always has her iPod and laptop with her. Now most people don’t believe in gifted’s, but they are everywhere. Oh, just to let you know your bus driver is gifted. How do you think he knows all of your names? Now Cliara has been at her boarding school for sometime now. About 14 years, her mother dropped her off at the front step. You couldn’t even see poor little Cliara, all wrapped up in the blankets that her mother had given her. Cliara still has all of those blankets.

Anyways as Cliara walked into her dorm, her room mate reappeared. (The school likes to keep the same gifts in the same room.) Nikki is Cliara’s bestfriend. They do everything together, and they like the same things. “Come on, lets go Nikki. Class is starting in 15 minutes.” Cliara told Nikki. As they walked out of the dorm and into the hallway Cliara saw Chris the s**iest guy in school walking her way. Cliara had no problem with Chris, but she had no reason to like him either.

“Can I talk to you Cliara, alone?” Chris asked looking at Nikki who was in love with Chris. “Um sure...”Cliara said “I’ll meet you in class Nikki.” Watching Nikki walk away Cliara tried back to Chris “What do you need Chris?” Cliara asked him in a polite manner. “You know what I want Cliara you can read my mind.” “We both can read minds here Chris, and I choice not to look into other peoples. It’s like invading privacy, you know?” “Yeah I know what you mean now. I want to know if you’ll go out with me sometime. You are really cool and well I like you.” “Chris you don’t even know me. Why in the world would you ever want to go out with me?” Cliara asked as she turned to walk away. She was probably the first girl to ever turn away Chris. She just didn’t know him; she knew that if she did say yes he would only stand her up. If you want to get to know me Chris than we should hang out sometime, it would be nice. A picnic maybe? That would be fun. She thought knowing that he was listening. Fine than, Friday, down by the pond. Was his responds, Cliara smiled she would like to hang out with him.

In class Nikki bothered Cliara all class; she didn’t even her word that the teacher was saying. CLIARA! Nikki would mentally shout. You better tell me EVERYTHING in the dorm you hear me? I mean EVERYTHING! If you don’t tell me everything I will just simply ask Chris what you guys were talking about, and you know how that’s going to end. If Nikki really wants to tell Cliara something she will do it mentally, that way only Cliara can hear her. Nikki is a bright and smart 15 year old girl. Although she can have her moments she still is an amazing bestfriend. Nikki is about 5’7; she has blond almost white hair that is strait in the front and than wavy in the back. Nikki doesn’t have to wear any makeup because she is a natural beauty.

After lunch, Cliara and Nikki headed back to their dorm. You could tell that Nikki was excited to hear what had happened between Chris and Cliara. “Okay okay okay, tell me everything now, and don’t forget anything. I want to know everything that happened!” Nikki almost blow up from holding it in that long and you could tell that letting it out finally helped her calm down. “Alright, well Chris walked up to me and asked me out. Somewhat, he was all like I want to know if you want to do something, I like you Cliara.” Cliara told Nikki, trying to interpret Chris. “I was all like how do you like me, you don’t even know me? Then I just walked away and told him mentally that if he wanted to get to know be than we could met by the pond, and so now we are hanging out Friday.” Nikki’s mouth dropped open. “You’re really going to the pond Friday with Chris? Oh my goodness, you are really going to hang out with Chris!” “Are you mad at me? I know you like him and if you’re not okay with it than I’ll call it all off.” Cliara told Nikki. Nikki looked at Cliara with amazement. “Cliara I’m okay with it.” Cliara smiled and walked over to the bookshelves, Cliara loved reading and loved discovering a new book in there room. Their dorm used to be a mini library. The walls were covered in nothing but books.

The next morning was Friday, Cliara and Chris hangout slash date. Nikki looked happy for Cliara, but in Nikki’s mind there was nothing but sadness. Cliara wanted nothing more than to make Nikki feel better. So before classes started Cliara looked at Nikki and said,” Let’s have a big sleepover in the common room on Friday.” Nikki looked surprised. She’s always wanted to host a huge sleepover in the common room, Cliara would never agree to help her.

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