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Diary of a Girl's Secret

February 2, 2010
By LilAlly BRONZE, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
LilAlly BRONZE, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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Dear Diary,

I’m finally a freshman. A chance to make a fresh start where nobody knows who I am or what I did. And thanks to my new look no one will ever know who I really am. I still can’t believe Americas Most Wanted is still showing my story, I bet even my hometown news station is still showing it. It’s sad really they really think they’re going to catch me. Anyways back to what I was talking about High School. Of course my main goal is to become popular, date the quarter back of the football team, and make so many friends I won’t be able to keep count. I’m wearing a light pink tank top, a dark wash jean skirt, and a pair of bright yellow wedges. I got a new backpack, notebooks, and pencils already. I’m not riding the bus, its way too crowded, and I still can’t drive. Luckily I live like two miles away in a two bedroom apartment. I live there for free, only because I do chores for the landlord, like washing the hall floors, and cleaning some of the rooms when a person moves out. And the landlord doesn’t even care if I’m living here by myself, I gotta get going school starts in half an hour, and I want to get there early. Wish me good luck….

I’m back, school went okay the most popular girl in school likes me, but her best friend hates me, she kept on trying to embarrass me even when I took a cup cake at lunch, she made a comment indicating that I’m fat, which I’m not. But luckily her friend Shay stuck up for me. Oh and I saw the quarter back, he is so hot, I can’t wait till I get my hands on him. His name is Jacob, he’s in like four of my classes, one of which is gym class. I also caught him looking at my but more than once today. Oh and this one guy kept on looking at me with this strange look on his face, I’ll have to stay away from him, if he notices me my new life will be over before the first school dance. The teachers were pretty nice, expect for my English teacher Mr. Brady, he is so mean he even got mad at a student for sneezing. He also gave out homework, I have to write a five page paper on how my summer went, on the plus side I can make my summer so exciting, now if I told my how my true summer went, I would be locked up for life. Weird some ones at the door I better go check, be right back….

I’m being blackmailed, already on my first day of school, I can’t believe it. It’s that one kid that looked at me weird. He said he would reveal my secret if I didn’t date him, and make him popular. He’s gonna feel very sorry for what he did, but I can’t take action yet, but I will. When he’s east expecting it I will get him, and it will be painful….

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