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Death Penalty

April 20, 2010
By Kayleen SILVER, Centralia, Washington
Kayleen SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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I sat there in the soft new movie theater-like seats, looking past the glass window, and right into the eyes of a killer. I knew he was looking at me, through me, and he was quietly laughing to himself. What he found so funny about this moment I will never know. All I could think about is what he did, all the pain he caused me, and the suffering my little girl had to go through thanks to him. The thoughts over powered my brain like ninjas wining a battle against pirates, so fast and crazily easy. Sadly, I wasn’t the only one this was happening to. There were 5 other sets of parents who had lost their little girls, but they lost theirs years ago, it was my daughter’s death that got this guy sentenced to the death penalty.

“Any last words?” Said the man who got paid to make these murders die like they should. “The only thing I have to say is, Mike, I hope this goes exactly as you want it to. I hope I suffer like I made Maddy when I stabbed her 12 times. I hope blood drizzles down my whole body, soaking my white clothes I’m wearing right now. But sadly nothing like that is going to happen. Goodbye Mike, and sweat dreams.” He said this with a little chuckle like he did every time he knew what he said was going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life, and repeat over and over again. But not this time, I wasn’t going to let it bother me. This jerk was finally going to die. The highly respected, and paid man, lowered his bed, laying him flat, and pressed the button allowing the lethal injections to flow through his body. Slowly but surely his eyes closed, and the heart rate monitor came to a straight buzzing noise proving he was dead.

The proof, and facts in knowing this lowlife was dead has to of been the most comforting feeling ever. But still, flash backs of my daughters dead body laying in her own blood came back to me every night. No matter what I did, the thought of him getting a easy painless death made me frustrated. I would cry about what he said to me, and how he could just kill so many cute and innocent young ladies. I told myself to be a man, and move on. But something as tragic as this, it will never leave your mind. Maybe one day I’ll get better…

The author's comments:
How could anyone be agenst the death penalty?

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jewfin said...
on May. 3 2010 at 12:32 am
oh my goodness. ur freakin fantastic!