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Easter Eggs

January 5, 2011
By LeahB. BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
LeahB. BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Easter eggs. many people think about dying them on Easter. A tradition for a lot of people.
I, on the other hand think about my grandpa. I was with my parents, sister, aunt and uncle who had flown in from Massachusetts. My grandpa had been brought home from the hospital. Everyone knew he was going to die.

Everyone was laughing, cracking jokes and having fun, dying Easter eggs. My mom and I had gotten up to get drinks and we went to where my grandpa was. My mom noticed he wasn't breathing. I ran to the other room and told my dad, he confirmed it. my grandpa was dead. We all sadly joked how he picked the right time to go, when his family was laughing and happy.

At the funeral it was really sad. We relished in his memories and the infamous Bellio smile he had in every picture. As my dad and his brother and sister shared their memories i remembered memories of mine.

My grandpa, sister, cousin and I had shared lots of things in common. But there was one thing greater than anything else. Dunkin' Donuts. Boston Creme donuts with custard filling to be exact. We would always get them when we hung out. We would also drink the little half and half creams, my mom would get so mad at us. Still, years later i drink them whenever i can. After spending a day with him he would drive us home and give us whatever leftover change he had. I would always get the most because i was the youngest.

There were so many memories like always winning at Go Fish games to him, him falling asleep whenever the whole family got together and snoring up a storm, and when he would tickle me until i couldn't breath because i was laughing so much. I admired him. I loved how up until he died he was still able to crack jokes about the hospital-mostly about the food and nurses- and make everyone laugh.

Easter eggs always remind me of my grampy and it's a good reminder. I will always love him and his smile.

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