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The Child

January 3, 2011
By ShaynaPhelps SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
ShaynaPhelps SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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“Sweet, sweet baby, please, please, let me hear your sweet little voice.”
A giggle.

“Baby, baby, I almost heard it, your strong, little voice. Such a miracle, little baby, I love your giggle, it holds sunshine, but baby, I need to hear your voice”

“Baby, I’m begging you, my sweet lil’ cherry, pleading for your voice. Come on, lil’ baby, please?”

A pair of chocolate brown yes, opened wide.


Another giggle.

Another sigh.

“Sweet baby, can you hear me? Please baby, please, you are my life, sweet child. I need to hear your voice”

A giggle and a two clap pair of hands.

“Yes lil’ baby. I love you sweet baby

A burp.

“You’ve got to understand, my little plum. I love you just the way you are; I just need a word, for the people. See, lil’ baby? I’ve just got to hear one little word.”


A sweet little mouth opens wide, a stretching yawn. Chocolate brown eyes closing for the night.

“Sleep, little baby. I guess we’ll try again tomorrow. I love you my sweet little clementine.”

A deep sigh. A sigh filled with concern and worry. Tired dragging feet leave the baby’s room. Disheveled hair and tear filled eyes demand sleep. And a heart as big as the sea and as deep as a valley is intercepted by another small child. With old, wise eyes. Sad, like their mother’s. A question perches on the lips.

“Any words tonight Mama?”

A puckered face lined with worry much too old for a child’s face pleads the mother.

“No, sunshine”

“No words tonight.”

With her creaking back, she bends down to hold the child.

“Why are you out of bed, little one?”

There is no answer. Both child and woman know there will be no rest, until the baby speaks. If the sweet baby speaks at all. No, they mustn’t think that way.

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