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My life...

March 6, 2011
By StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
StayClassy1 SILVER, Stockton, California
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I looked into the mirror, same self. Kara Blanesfield, 14 years old, goes to Trazor High School, best friends with Kimberly and Lorain, and who’s crush is Tommy. I nodded my head in agreement with my thoughts. I ran a brush through my curly-not kinky-long dark brown hair. Put a bright pink headband, with one of those cheap fake flowers glue to it, on. I put on purple contacts over my dark brown eyes. I put on 2 coats of mascara on my short lashes. I put a heavy layer of black eyeliner all around my eyes. I quickly swept blush over my pale face. I put my rubber bands n my braces, just one more month until I could take them off! I smiled making my braces shine in the mirror . I adjusted my bra-it was the uncomfortable one with the underwire- to make it more comfortable. I didn’t have much, so there wasn’t need for the support, but my insisted. I have a 34b and usually tried to flaunt my cleavage as much as possible, without looking like I try. Today I was wearing a bright pink tank top, booty shorts, and converse. I noticed that my bra strap was showing, I tried to hide them, but after 5+ times, I gave up. My nails were painted black from 2 nights ago. My 2 best friends spent the night and we did regular stuff teens do at sleep over’s. I sprayed a quick spray of Victoria Secrets Bombshell perfume on,. Ever since last Christmas, when my aunt got it for me, it has been my favorite perfume. Today was a Monday, which means a school, day, which means I had to get up by 7:00, and be ready to leave the house by 8:00. (I meet my 2 best friends at the bus stop so we can walk to school together. ) I looked down at my phone which was resting on the bathroom counter, and checked the time. I would have to leave soon. The bus stop was 2 blocks from my house and my school was 7 blocks away. Ever since my mom heard about the girl that was kidnapped while walking home from school, she makes sure I have someone to with me to and from school….

(not sure if I should keep writing or not. Let me know what you think. Thanks J)

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