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Riley's Life

April 21, 2011
By pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
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Riley’s blog
(with fashion comments from Erin McLeay)

Party! Thanks everyone for coming to me and Erin’s resquemist tonight. So fun. It’s like 2 in the morning so I’d better make it snappy since I have a 5 am open call tomorrow. Here are the note worthy fashion moments of out party. Aj the hobo chic look is soo over. Brittney K fabulous DKNY limited edition dress. And Kayla you looked drop dead gorgeous in you Lucky brand jeans Alice &Olivia top with the Michel Kors handbag. that’s all for no. see you at blog time.

Christmas ,morning was awesome ! After the 5 am call I traveled up- from NYC to upstate NY. We engaged gifts! Thanks for the iphone people. And the laptop & all my other awesome gifts. Erin says Hi from France. That’s all for now must go 2 lunch with my girls!

Guys Erin is back! There is a welcome party for her tomorrow night. The list is made so come if your on it! (you know who you are!) for those of you who wont be there I’ll post pictures as soon as I can!

Hey guys here are the pictures I promised. It was one wiled party and we all had lots of fun. Thank you Justin (Timberlake) for being our gust DJ. Hope everyone has a good day!
BYE, bye

Happy new years day. Last night was so fun. The guest DJ’s included JZ, Ke$ha and the amazing Rihanna! NYC’s hottest club opened it’s velvet ropes for the anal after the ball drops party. Let me remind you 2010 is a new year with new trends and what better place on the web is their then my blog?
See Ya!!!

Hey guys!!! Its that time again the time we all dread & if you don’t your not cool enough to read this!!! What time you may ask. School time. Wile I am NOT exited about the school work it will be nice to see the people who I didn’t get to chat with over break! Mandy I cant wait to hear all about Milan.

Hey people its me again!!! A big thanks Melissa (MuClary) for taking over my blog for a few months! Witch have been impossibly crazy by the way. But now I’m back just in time for spring break. Yay!!! Thank you to my agent for getting me all those shoots. p.s. people I will be on the cover of the next teen Vogue.(which you have a subscription to right?) I can’t wait to see you Erin. Bye people!

Hey All, exams are over! Yes!!! No more studying for a week. Melissa I cant wait to see you on Saturday!!! 5th avenue here we come!!!

Riley threw herself against the DKNY 500 thread count sheets and closed her eyes. Moments later they popped back open and she sighed. She glanced the her Mac air. The screen said in curly blue weighting blog updated. Stephanie (Riley’s mom) suck her head in.
“Riley have you updated your blog yet.”
“yes mom I just did it.”
“good.” Stephanie sighed Steve called.
“He wants to try to book you for a sports illustrated swimsuit issue.” I thought they got a girl for it?”
“Honey not for this summers issue next summer.”
“I don’t want to.”
Honey sooner or later your going to have to do nude modeling. So you better at least get the swimsuit thing down.”
“I wonder if I’ll ever start to trust Steve. I know he is my manager but still…”

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