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Traggic Accident

April 28, 2011
By CrystalMarie GOLD, Steubenville, Ohio
CrystalMarie GOLD, Steubenville, Ohio
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"What are we going to do today?" Sarah asked her boy friend Zack. They were sitting on Sarah's couch.11

"How about we go for a drive?" Zack asked. He leaned into kiss her. "We can stop at the beach. “he said in-between kisses.22

"Sounds like a plan." She said while they kissed. She looked up at him. He had that grin on his face she loved the most. They both got up off the couch. Zack headed toward the front door. “You coming sweet thang?" He asked her.33

"Yes sweet thang im coming!" She said while laughing When they got into the car he pulled out of the drive way. "What happened to your car?" Sarah asked him.44

"Its in the shop, so Mikey let us borrow his." Zack replied55

" Oh okay." She said. They were flying down the road. "Slow the F*** down." She nearly shouted. It started pouring down rain, so the roads were slick. Zack couldn’t see anything.66

"Just shut the hell up, okay?" Zack shouted at her. Sarah sank as low in the seat as she could. It was pouring so hard that Zack couldn’t see ahead of him. He was going to fast. He didn’t realize he was on the wrong side of the road. He didn’t see the other vehicle coming at them. He didn’t know what hit him. One second their was nothing but rain, the next second their was a car coming head on. By the time he realized what as happening it was too late.77


Brian was driving home from work. He had a long day and was ready to go home. He was winding down the back road. Nothing but clear sky’s. He decided to call home. Not even five minutes after he got of the phone it started thundering. When he went around then next bend in the road it started pouring.99

"God damn rain." He mumbled to himself. He thought about pulling over but decided against it. It was so bad he couldn’t see a foot in front of him. He didn’t see the other car coming at them on his side of the road. By the time he saw it was too late.1010


The two cars collided. Sarah died on impact. "Holly s***, holly s***." Zack screamed. "Wake up Sarah, wake up." He shouted when he noticed Sarah wasn’t moving. He jumped out of the car. He raced over to the other car." Are you okay?" He asked the other man who was trying to get out of his car.1212

"Yah im just peachy." He said sarcastically. "Are you okay?"1313

"I am but I don’t think my girlfriend Sarah made it though." Zack answered. He finally broke down in tears. "Why didn’t I listen to her when she told me to slow the f*** down?" He shouted up at the sky over and over again, which was just sprinkling.1414

"I called 911, their on the way." Brian hollered to Zack. "Okay." Zack mumbled. The ambulance arrived ten minutes later. 1515

"Mister Will you come here?" he paramedic called to Zack. 1616

"Yah, give me a minute." Zack called He walked toward the ambulance. "Im sorry to say this but you’re passenger didn’t make it." The paramedic said in a low voice. 1717

"Why her God Damn It, Why?" Zack kept shouting over and over. He finally went to the hospital with Brian. 1818

"Im really sorry man". Brian mumbled. Thanks, im sorry too.” Zack mumbled back at Brian." I'm glad you’re okay.1919

"Me too man, me too!" Brian said.2020

They both had minor injuries. A week later the buried Sarah, right next to her parents whom both had also died in a car accident. "I love you Sarah, Im soo soo sorry. Zack whispered when they put her in the ground. A week later Zack was sentenced to Life in prison for reckless driving and man slaughter. To this day he has never forgiven himself for what happened that tragic day.

The author's comments:
I believe this story relates to a lot of people in some way.

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