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Angie, Debbie, or Kim?

May 12, 2011
By Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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Angie wore LA gear high tops, a baggy “Button your fly” gray sweatshirt, hot pink solid colored shorts with black trim. Her hair was blond and wild, a head band holding it back. Her makeup was bright, matching her pink shorts. She wore a twist-a-beads necklace, green, blue and yellow. Vuarnet sunglasses sat on top of her head. Both arms had jelly bracelets, scuba swatch watches, and a few woven bracelets. She looked like she stepped through a time machine from the 80’s.

Rita glanced at Angie, who at the moment was actually Debra “Debbie” Frost.

“Debbie? What would you like for breakfast?” Rita, her step-mother pulled open the fridge.

“Eggs.” Debbie loved eggs.

“Coming right up,” Rita was used to the personality changes that Angie went through. She had three distinctive ones. Debbie, the 80s girl, Kim, the amazing athlete, and then Angie, the girl she was born as. Every now and then, different personalities would come through, but she mainly stayed those three.

Rita fried the eggs, exactly how Kim and Angie hated them, but just how Debbie loved them. Rita gave Debbie her plate and watched her as she sat down. Rita hoped that Angie wouldn’t have a personality change today. It only happened every few days, longest she went was a month and a half. If it happens while she’s at school, Rita has to come get her, because first the first few hours or so Angie is really confused and gets scared.

“Debbie, do you want me to drive you to school?” Debbie shrugged.

“I was going to ride it so I could talk to Dallas, but he looks at me like I’m a freak and ignores me.” Debbie stared down at her half eaten eggs. “Lot’s of people treat me like that. I’m not different, I’m just like them!” Debbie always got a little emotional. Angie and Kim kept their feelings more to them selves.

“It’s ok sweetie, just ignore them back, hang out with people who are nice to you,” Rita smiled at her sympathetically.

“Hey, Debbie, come here!” Dallas and some of his friends were standing by their lockers when Debbie walked by. She ignored them, remembering what Rita had said. “What? Are you scared?” They were laughing and calling her names. “Why don’t you turn into Kim? Or maybe back to your normal self, Angie?!”

“Who is Angie, and Kim?” Debbie thought to herself as she spotted her friend, Lydia, a little ways down the hall. Lydia Marks knew about Angie’s problem, and was close friends with all three of her personalities, which Rita was more than thankful for.

“Lydia!” Debbie yelled out her name and Lydia instantly turned.

“Where ya been, Deb,” she said after looking her up and down.

“Rita drove me to school, so we were a little late.” Debbie walked next to Lydia, drawing attention to them as they made their way to their lockers.

Debbie stared at the clock, wishing it was lunch time. 5th hour seemed her longest hour. Her science teacher was passing out packets that people could work on in partners till the bell rang. No one in here would want to be Debbie’s partner. Posters covered the thin walls, and blue crepe paper was hung over the lights to give the room a blue-ish tint.

As she focused her eyes on that one little red hand, moving at every second, she felt her head lighten, and she felt it hard to keep her head steady. She closed her eyes for a long moment.

“Debbie, please wake up, this is not nap time,” Mrs. Stoll knew of Angie’s different personalities. Every teacher and student at her middle school did.

Angie put her hands on her head, willing herself to get better. Opening her eyes she expected to see her living room, where she had been when she had closed her eyes. But she was in a class room, a familiar one.

“Where am I?” Angie whispered glancing around. She felt tears well up inside her, she felt scared. She looked down at herself to make sure she had a body, and sure enough she did, but she had weird clothes on. Angie jumped up, knocking her chair over backwards.

“Oh my, Debbie!” Mrs. Stoll hurried over, dropping the packets off on someone‘s desk.

“My name’s not Debbie, stop calling me that!” Angie stumbled backwards, almost tumbling onto her back.

“Kim?” Mrs. Stoll asked quietly, trying to calm her down.

“My name is Angie. Where am I?” Angie hugged herself, feeling a stupid little tear slide down her face. All the other kids her age were staring at her, some were laughing.

“Ok, Angie, I’m Mrs. Stoll, your science teacher. I’m going to walk you up to the office and they will call your mom, and then she will drive over here and get you.” Mrs. Stoll took Angie by the shoulders and led her out of the classroom, to the office only down the hall.

The author's comments:
I heard about this mental sickness on TV and some kids at my school were talking about it, so I had a good story about it brewing in my head.

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