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Red Cups

July 21, 2011
By Mackenzie29 SILVER, Hamilton, Other
Mackenzie29 SILVER, Hamilton, Other
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The girl did not get in trouble. She had never been sent down to the office for speaking up in class, even the fights she had with her friends were scarce and in no way note worthy. Yet here she was, sitting in an overstuffed, coffee stained chair in front of a plump officer. There was an eerie silence in the air as the balding man in front of her waited, dim light reflected off his smooth head.
Kella had seen cop shows before, and there was no way she would give in and talk first. She flipped her golden blonde hair over her shoulder, in a way that she knew drove guys crazy. The man who had eaten one too many donuts, sighed dramatically, Kella stared blankly in return.
``What happened last night?” the officer whose name Kella had long since forgotten cried out defeated.
Kella had nothing to fear but still this question brought a lump to her throat. She had done nothing wrong, barely had anything to drink, and so she began, not worrying to convince this man of her innocence, just telling the truth, and reliving the night that left her best friend, Jamie in a coma.
* * *
The two girls had taken extra time that day getting ready for the biggest party of the year. Jamie had her eye on a new boy, Jared, which wasn’t unusual, but still they needed to impress, not that it was hard. Jamie sculpted her hair into flirty curls, while Kella finished her look with a single sweep of the flat iron. With yet another coat of thick black mascara, the two girls headed out to the shiny new Porsche in the driveway.
The music pounded in their ears, the notes winding through the twisting neighbourhood from almost a block away. Kella hoped the night wouldn’t end too soon with a cop in the driveway, especially since both girls knew that the party wouldn’t start until they arrived.
They walked in perfection up the rough driveway, a set of almost four inch heels strapped to both girls’ feet. Heads turned as they walked up to the front door, guys gawking at their too short skirts and skin tight shirts, girls watching their eyes filled with obvious envy.
Inside it was like any normal party. Teenagers staggering around drunk, music vibrating throughout the thin walls. The house was huge and therefore so was the party. People Kella had never seen before walking around, plastic cups in hand.
Despite all the people it took Jamie only a few minutes to spot Jared leaning up against a wall. Kella didn’t mind when Jamie ditched her and instead plastered herself to Jared’s side, she didn’t mind when she drained yet another of the plastic cups, or another or another. Fear began to take over her though when Jamie began to move, lead up the stairs by Jared’s strong body. The poor girl could barely walk, her heels wiggled beneath her feet and her speech was slurred. It wasn’t that Jamie was a bad drunk; she knew how to handle herself. Kella had seen her though, and the number of cups piled up on the small table beside her original spot on the wall, proved it. Jamie had not drunk her usual amount.
Their hands were linked and Jared had a protecting arm around Jamie, the only thing holding her up. Kella rushed to her friend’s side, only to receive an irritated look from Jared.
“Kella what do you want?” He cursed under his breath, knowing that she wouldn’t take the same lies that he most defiantly feed Jamie.
“Let her go” Kella said defiantly, disgusted by Jared’s plans.
The fight didn’t last long though. His arm slipped for one minute to push Kella out of the way. Jamie’s legs gave out under the dead weight of her on body. Her eyes closed and a silent cry escaped her lips as she fell back. Ground disappeared and the unaware girl rolled, tumbling down the carpeted stairs.
She didn’t move when she reached the bottom. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open slightly. She was not gasping for air, she hadn’t even screamed. Kella made up for the absent shriek as she bounded down the stairs, adrenaline pumping through her veins.
Jamie didn’t react when someone’s fingers pinched her arm, she didn’t respond to the added crowd around her lifeless body. The crowd and the attention, attention which the girls were always begging for, it would be amazing, if only it wasn’t for this. The party ended like Kella had feared, with a cop at the door, but not drawn to the house by complaints of annoyed neighbours.
* * *
“...and that’s when the cop showed up.” Kella finished, swallowing back the tears that threatened to escape, her glittering eyes.
The officer in front of her starred once again, his face absent of expression. For a long time no one said anything until, finally the man spoke. “Thank you Miss Johnson, you may go now.”
And that was that. Kella stood to leave smoothing out the fabric of her skirt. It felt good to tell someone about the accident. Jamie was okay, the doctors told her, but it was hard to tell at the moment, the extent of the damage. So for now Kella was left alone, her best friend in a coma, and a tiny voice in her head trying to convince her that she was the cause.
Suddenly Kella’s phone chirped, the cheerful tune broadcasted to the world around her. She answered the small cell cautiously.
“Party tonight. You in?” The excited voice on the other end questioned.
You think she would have learned, you would think that the previous day would have been the end of her partying times. Maybe, just maybe she would have stepped down from her spot as queen bee, at school. Instead, though without a second thought, she responded with only a simple “totally” not a single hint of guilt evident in her sweet voice.

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