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Memories from Aisha Coones

September 8, 2011
By Juliettecroce PLATINUM, Minnaepolis, Minnesota
Juliettecroce PLATINUM, Minnaepolis, Minnesota
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"We have a choice- To live, or to exist/

I remember swinging Payton. It was a warm saturday morning. The sun was shining away and the sky was blue as it could be. The wind was hardly blowing, just softly touching my face like a kiss of an angel. You were higher then me. I couldn't catch up to you. So you slowed down, and soon we were going at the same pace. Our heads were turned to each other, and you told me about your brother off somewhere in another country. Bullets flying past them. Back then we didn't even know what a war was. Payton, why were we so stupid? Your swing had stopped and your shoulders were sagging. I jumped off and knelt in front of you. I remember saying those words. "Everything is going to be fine. Don't you worry. We will always be together."

/I say those words now, softly as I press my head against your shoulder. "Don't you ever worry Payton. We will always be together."/

You had always loved art class. Your paint brush was like a wave. It kept on going, and never stopped. I thought you could paint anything. One day, you painted a picture of me looking down at my notebook and writing something. You signed your name with a little heart next to it at the bottom and then gave it to me. I ripped out the page of the story I was writing and gave it to her. 'You finish it. It's like a painting."

/Sitting there in the cold room, with dry tears on my face, I looked around. I found a small notebook on your side table and opened it. A piece of paper came out. It slowly fell to the ground and I hesitated to pick it up. It was the story titled "friends are friends no matter what." I looked at it and then the notebook. Opening the notebook carefully, I took a peek. It was filled with the rest of the story. I didn't take the time to read it. Just stared./

One night, you had called me. It was 1:34, and I was full on asleep. My phone was buzzing, and you know what I did Payton? I ignored it. A minute later, it buzzed again. This time, I picked it up, and looked at the screen. When I saw your name, I knew it was urgent. I pressed ok and put the phone to my ear. ' Payton! Whats wrong?' You burst out crying. After about five minutes I told you I would be there and I jumped out of my window, got my bike, and left. Turns out that Jeff had broken your heart. I didn't say anything to you Payton, just let you cry on my shoulder. When you were done, you said something so quietly, I could hardly here it. 'the doctors think I have cancer.'
I couldn't breath. I couldn't think. Without even knowing, I took you by the hand and just squeezed it.

/I squeeze your hand one last time. "You were the best thing that has ever happened to me Payton. And we will always be together." With that, I slipped out of the hospital and into the night.
Payton Saber 1994- 2011

The author's comments:
It reminded me of true friendship.

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