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Noodles Part Two, Obsessions and Newbies

October 7, 2011
By notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess

Curtis and Daniel were talking about Nyalah. Daniel started.

I don't want Nyalah to be in our group.


She has a cabbage obsession.


She eats seven cabbages a day, sleeps on a bed made of cabbage, and bathes in cabbages.

You're making this up.

Am I? Daniel said, showing a picture of Nyalah at the cabbage festival.

That doesn't mean anything.

Look in her backpack.

Curtis went over to Nyalah as quietly as he could.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Curtis was jumping towards Nyalah. Being a brick house, stealth wasn't his strong suit. Nyalah turned around and asked why he was looking in her backpack. He told her the truth. She sighed and showed him the inside of her backpack. Instead of cabbages, there were actually monkeys. Ny had a monkey obsession and had been gong to the school counselor, Miss Freaking Mathes once a week to help with her problem. She was afraid that everyone would make fun of her. But then she found out everyone else had a secret of their own.

Quincy had an obsession over cutting paper.
Ryan had an obsession over folding cardboard.
Brandy had an obsession over french bread.
Curtis had an obsession over giving people watermelons.
Katniss had an obsession over washing clothes.
Even Daniel had an obsession. His was over sewing bananas. Now that everyone's secret was exposed, no one worried about it.

There were newbies to the school now. One was named Maari, a sparkly rainbow ninja unicorn. Another was named Za, a can of corn. The last one was named Mallory, a magical wizard. In about two weeks they were very fone of the school. Except one day, something terrible happened...

The author's comments:
The sequel to Noodles. Some people may call this a comedy, some may call this a stupid, but funny story. Some may just call it stupid.

Either way, thanks for reading it!

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