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Suicide: The Cowards Way Out

January 15, 2012
By prettyinpiink GOLD, Houston, Texas
prettyinpiink GOLD, Houston, Texas
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The memories of Mike Calianto are still fresh in my mind.Hes mania laugh still ringing in my ears, and his luminous smile still etched into my head.That is why it is hard to believe as i sit at his funeral that he is no longer with us.He secluded his unhappiness well, concealed even from me, his best friend.I failed to realize the warning signs that have been flashing at me for some time now. Could the harsh words of people really drive someone to such extremes? could they really influence such a decision such as life or death? The answer to those questions lie some yards away from me in the from of a boy that was a friend,brother,and son now lying in a coffin waiting to rot underground.I have nothing but an overwhelming sense of remorse in my heart for mike, but that remorse doesn't go as far as him taking his own life.What was he thinking! Mike may have been a lot of things.Unpredictable,depressed,and emotionally unattached,but i never believed him to be a coward. Because if you take your life away, then that's all that you are.Even in death he has somehow managed to surprise us all.Who would have thought that cohesive Mike was so traumatized on the inside. And to think that he had to go through it all all by himself.i hope he realizes what a colossal mistake that he has made and the pain and grief that he has left his loved ones behind to suffer. For all you out there that think bullying is 'fun' think again.You don't realize the damage that you cause until it's too late and when it hits, it hits hard.It not only affects that person, but everybody that he associates himself with. And for the people out there thinking about ending your life, just remember that if you do, you'll only be a coward. Its easy to want to stop living life every time you're met with an obstacle that otherwise seems unbeatable, but it takes true courage to stand up for yourself and let live life go on as is.Because weather or not you decided to end your existence, life will always go on. It won't always be as miserable as you think,and there will always be someone out there that has it worse then you. Life isn't a video game and you have but only one to live. why cut it short?

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on Dec. 18 2018 at 7:27 pm
hashslingingslasher BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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-Karl Marx

Is this fictional, or do you really think that all people who are suicidal are cowards? I think that the writing is great, but the message you're putting out there is unclear and I'm not sure if you really think these people cowards.