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July 16, 2013
By elites5 SILVER, Langley, Other
elites5 SILVER, Langley, Other
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All I see is darkness and a loud whirring all around. My ears are plugged from the altitude and my eyes are heavy from my insomnia. My throat feels dry and my tongue longs for the taste of cool, fresh water. My stomach growls and I suppress the urge to whine because what is the point, no one will listen to me.

My body is being jostled and bounced around from the rough turbulent filled flight. This is my first time on an airplane and the feeling of lifting off of the ground makes my stomach knot and twist like a corkscrew. Suddenly, I hear a beep and a lovely British accent appears from above saying the plane is safely on the ground. I exhale deeply and follow the other passengers out of the terminal. The noise of people bustling and the squeaks of wheels gliding on the freshly waxed floors distract me momentarily and fill my eyes with awe. Faces of people I have never met before are staring at me; two girls, a man and a woman. The girls’ teeth glitter like a thousand diamonds and the man and woman’s hands are clasped, as if bonded for eternity. I attempt to conceal my trembling body, but their eyes burn holes into my face. Fear and anxiety inhabit my body and my brain is in hyper drive trying to find a way to escape. These… people do not know or understand me. These savages could abuse or neglect me or treat me like a slave bound with shackles that pierce my fragile flesh. “Go get the newspaper!” or “go get my slippers!” will fill my annoyed ears. The positivity I was feeling evaporates like the raindrops on the windows. I cannot do this; I will not survive. Slowly, I trudge out of the gate and into the intimidating fluorescent lights, waiting to see what will happen.

The girls pull me into a warm and tender embrace and I almost choke from surprise. I try to hug back, but my limbs are numb as if glued to the floor. They release me and pull me towards the luggage carousel. I am then sitting in a car, letting the wind carry away my homesickness and jetlag. Reality soon sets in that I will never go back home again with my real family. My eyes are incapable of tears at this moment and I do not want them to see me like this; fragile and weak, so I sit up tall and show them I am not afraid.

We finally arrive at our destination and I slowly walk through the door, and I am transported to another world. Lavish furnishings, shoes, food, toys, toys and more toys! I cannot hold back my excitement and my mouth explodes into a grin. The woman hugs me tightly, radiating motherly energy into my soul. I look around and take in my surroundings. Home… the place where love and tenderness is like the most powerful embrace and where memories are created with the unlimited supply of laughter and entertainment. Fate us is on my side and I will miss my mother, brothers and sisters, but this experience will change who I am, for the better.

That night, I lie on my new cozy blanket in front of the burning coals and my master comes into the room looking sad. Wagging my tail, I bound over to her and tickle her legs with my whiskers, causing her to laugh uncontrollably. She pats the spot next to her on the couch and I accept the silent invitation. She scratches behind my ear and I place my head tenderly on her leg. Lying their next to her makes me realize that this home; with my new master’s, is where I am truly loved and respected.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in English this year and for my provincial exam, but I did make a few changes. Hope you like it!

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