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Welcome to the Family

October 30, 2013
By Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
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She can because she thinks she can.

“Mama, I’m home!”

This is the cry that is heard the most throughout my house. Within the course of my High School Career my house has become a home to all of my friends and the general Friday has turned into, “Let’s go to the Jordan’s house day.” My house just gives off this immediate atmosphere of welcome a place that several of my friends consider their home.

From the moment you step into my house you may not take notice of the rooms but the people in them. A thundering pound comes down the stairs intertwined with the giggling squeals of Berner girls chasing each other up and down the stairs. Annie being my bubbly social butterfly stops to greet you and most likely already knows who you are.

“Hi, you’re Mary right? I’ve heard a lot about you.”

After giving you a hug she chases once more after her stampede leaving you with a quizzical look on your face. Suddenly you hear music and realize that there are more people to your right. The dark colors of greens gold and reds are barely seen on the fully packed couches and chair. The conversation stops as they all chime in with words of hello. You spot me and ask, “How many people are in this house?”

I pause and count, “About 20, why?”

A silence and shocked face follows as I turn to the group and reply, “Oh, don’t worry this is a normal day, right guys?” They all laugh and agree.

As you sit down and take it all in with a breath the sweet smell of chocolate consumes you. You follow the green sponge painted walls to the kitchen to find yet another person opening and closing the oven as she takes out Brownies. She walks away and four people from the living room come rushing in.

“I’m starving!”

“Don’t touch they’re hot.”

Elizabeth warns Ari. She rolls her eyes in response, “Pft, you think I care?” she takes a spoon and digs in, “OH yeah that’s so good!”

Viki not wanting to burn herself goes into the freezer as she repeats, “Burrito, burrito, burrito.”

Once finding one she pops it into the microwave. You look out the window of the kitchen to find Elizabeth has joined the rest of Jane’s friends out on the trampoline trying to make Bella stop barking. Jen walks into the house with bags from Pathmark after shopping with Mama.

“I’m cooking dinner so don’t eat anymore!”

I go into the kitchen to help Jen make her concoction of Pasta, chicken, broccoli, spinach, and cream sauce. You leave the kitchen to find my friends dancing to a number of songs one after the other. Nicole screams out, “Cat Daddy” and immediately looks it up on YouTube. After that, “Party Rock Anthem” follows as Steven comes in from the back yard, “That’s my jam!” he exclaims, and starts dancing. Mama comes into the house with the rest of the groceries and sees a new face.

“Up another extra; welcome to the family.”

After five songs of nonstop dancing Elise is on the floor dragging her body into the kitchen panting, “Water I need water.” Everyone falls to their seats laughing hysterically.

Viki then pops up and proclaims, “Oh my gosh, guys we have to watch a Disney movie tonight!”

They all bound down the stairs to the den and open the tall brown cabinet containing four huge boxes of video cassettes. You sit down on the brown leather couch and the cool chill rushes over you but the house is so hot from all the cooking and dancing it feels refreshing and calming after all the excitement. Once they decide on a movie Steven remembers the reason why he came into the house in the first place, “Oh yeah, guys they wanted to know if you want to play truth or dare with them."

As you walk outside Jane and Friends turn around, “Well it took you along enough.”
Elizabeth sees the red hair and yells, “Ginger!”

Christina chimes in with a, “Hi Patrick!” the wind whips around you and you announce “It’s freezing; how are you all out here with your toes still attached?”

Jane answers “Easy we just huddle together for warmth.”

Jane then calls over to someone on the Monkey Bars doing pull-ups, “Hey James! Do you want to join us?”

“No thanks, I have to work out for football.”

You laugh to yourself as you see my little brother, Thomas, attempt to copy his role model on the monkey bars. As the crisp air burns at your cheeks you all sit in a circle on the trampoline and Mary spins the truth or dare appt first and it lands on Beth, “The question is; what is your favorite Disney movie?”

“That’s easy. Peter Pan.”

The group begins to laugh and someone informs her that, that is the movie we are watching that night. Beth starts jumping up and down with excitement. While Beth is rejoicing CJ turns to you with a quizzical expression and asks, "What's Peter Pan?"

An hour goes on of the game and I knock on the kitchen window and wave you all in for dinner. The smell of fresh biscuits hits you and all the cold melts away. The dining room table has a green tablecloth draped over it to match the sponge walls. A huge feast is set upon the table and your mouth waters as you take in the smells. You can almost taste the thick creamy cheese sauce dancing on your taste buds. My family says grace as everyone else sits there in silence. When we finish the rest of the table burst into laughing because they were all awkwardly staring at each other.

Papa turns to you from the head of the table and starts asking you about yourself. Family, schools, hopes, and aspirations for college and your future. He is intrigued and his full attention is on you. The importance you feel swells up inside you as you develop a love for the house and you think to yourself, I really want to come back here. Papa then asks how you enjoyed your day.

“Well this house is really loud and fun. Something is always happening and there is never a dull moment. There’s also a lot of green in this house.”

He smiles and whispered, “That’s because we’re Irish.”

Everyone laughs at that and you reply, “Well I really love it here and it’s such a welcoming house.”

Papa looks up at Mama and they smile to each other and exclaims, “Welcome to the family!”

The author's comments:
This is basically the best day I could ask for. Back when me and my sister had our friends groups intact and we all got along with each other and were friends. This basically described the typical day I had on a weekend during high school. This didn't all happen in one day but it's basically a summary of all the different things we would do together. I took my favorite memories and combined them together into what I would consider the perfect day. Nothing too complicated just a simple day with all of my friends. I can't help but cry sometimes when I read this because a lot of these people in the story are no longer a part of our lives because of drama and arguments that I do regret. Deep down I wish that my life could go back to being simple and care free like this. It was probably one of the happiest times of my life, and that is why I would like to preserve it here where nothing can taint it. This is my realistic fantasy that can never come true. I am also very proud to announce that this is my 100th piece of writing that I am publishing onto Teen Ink. I hope you all enjoy it.

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