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Boone's strife

March 16, 2014
By alexj56a BRONZE, Kings, North Carolina
alexj56a BRONZE, Kings, North Carolina
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Boone's strife
Boone looked through the scattered waste that surrounded him. The destruction was somewhat beautiful in its own special way. Boone’s Geiger counter was ticking frequently not a good sign he was just barely in the city and already he could feel the warm glow of radiation on his skin. boone,23 was by this time accustomed to feeling light radiation It had been nearly 40 years since the bombs fell. the radiation inside D.C. was in some places still strong enough to burn skin in seconds. Boone felt inside of his pockets and took out a small pill bottle. “Only a few left” Boone said to himself. He didn’t know what they were called mainly because the label on the bottle was too old and worn too read but he knew what they were for. Anti-radiation pills. miracles of prewar science.
Boone began to walk further into the mass of a destroyed concrete building. a open wall blown out from the side of it Then something had caught his foot always on high alert Boone whipped out his 9mm pistol and was prepared to fire when he realized he had just kicked over a book. Boy that was anti-climatic he was a old science book boone had seen a couple of those books in old deserted school houses like the one he had spent most of his childhood in. boone age nineteen didn't remember a whole what since the human psyche can only take so much. His mother died giving birth to his sister who due to lack of food he and his father ate his father told him it was beef fresh. oh how he enjoyed his meal later that day he had found out that he had made a meal out of his sister.
A week later bandits attacked the schoolhouse. boone being nine at the time had to watch as they tore off his father's head and put on a pike. boone somehow had strange sense of satisfaction. boone was soon captured by the bandits. instead of outright killing him they might have been coming down from there drug infused rage and realized they needed new recruits and this young boy in front of them was perfect.
The bandits trained them in all of their arts killing,stealing and all the fun that comes with marauding. but without their knowledge he was secretly planning their demise. one night when the night was as clear as it could be with radiation filling the ozone. he pickpocketed a knife from one of the bandits while they slept. With the knife he slit every one the scoundrels throats he made sure each one of their deaths were slow and painful. the next day after burning their camp to the ground set out on his own.
Snapping back into reality boone realized he had been standing in the open for at least ten minutes. Deadly in the outskirts of D.C. he moved out of the blown out former shell of a school through a half broken off door. he opened it and a swirl of toxic chemicals hit his face. it felt like his skin had just been dipped in molten lava. he immediately reached for the bottle of pills in his pocket. unscrewed the lid and swallowed one. he felt the burning subside. his geiger counter was ticking erratically he had nearly stepped out into a pure puddle of uranium-238
With the anti-rad pill working in his system he ran across the street and slammed into a door busting it off its hinges in the process. the street was flooded with radiation. in the corner of the room stood a boy probably around the age of 8 he had a knife in his hand he had slightly deformed features. pig nose, large black eyes probably exposed to much radiation when he was a infant he would have a disabled intelligence. probably thought boone was a bandit didn't matter though he rushed at boone with his weapon ina instant boones hardened relaxes whipped out his pistol and fired one shot directly in his head. he fell mid run blood spilling out of his temple.
This wasn't his first nor his second nor his thirty-seventh he felt no remorse... he was rushing me boone thought. “no choice” he said aloud even though one of his main principles was that every instant you had a choice every simple thing from which direction to take a step in. to should i take my own life every second you have a choice to say anything else was naive and weak. he scavenged the room the boy had occupied that one shot would have drawn a lot of attention from every thing in D.C.
Boone walked for an hour he knew he must have been in the heart of the city. “there” he said looking at the capitol building there was home a small community trying to fight the terrors of the new world he of course couldn't walk directly up to it the national mall was full of snipers. he would have get into a metro tunnel and then meet up with the community's security underground the settlement had several outposts in the old metro tunnels to guide its scavengers back home. they had managed to dig a tunnel into the metro from the capitol connecting the two.
He found the metro entrance close to the mall. there was no lights in the old tunnels so boon used a cracked flashlight he had scavenged from the boys house the house there was never any telling what might be in the metro any day of the week. All of boones steeps were careful and calculated. he walked crouched for a long while.
He then saw the outpost fires burning bright they might as well been the sun in theses dark tunnels but something was wrong he then got up from his crouched position and walked over to the post. a bright red blood puddle could be seen in the light he drawed his pistol. three bodies lay on the cold floor mutilated limbs cut off and thrown everywhere legs,arms, heads. isaac, briggs and teller those were the names the bodies belonged to boone had shared a beer with these men two nights before. pure rage was building up inside him now. all he could see was red. a small whimper came out of the dark corner next to where a decapitated head lay.
Boone turned his flashlight to the corner. It lit up the faces of a mother and what looked like her daughter. boone knew they were probably just refugees that the dead patrol had picked upped and saved. but he couldn't help but blame the two girls for what happened to his friends. he pulled out his gun and fired. once. twice.
“BOONE WHAT THE HELL”. isaac was standing right beside boone. he was just on the ground mutilated not two seconds before not two seconds before. the other two guards were standing beside isaac puzzled. “why would you waste two bullets by firing into an empty corner” briggs said. boone looked towards the corner which the mother and the child had been. empty. but how? this world had taken a toll on boone and know it was starting to show.

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