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Kings Island

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

My friends and I took a road trip down to Kings Island. I was very excited to go because no parents were going. I went with my boyfriend named Billy. My friend Sara and her boyfriend Frank also came with us. Sara is about 5’4’’ and she has blonde hair. We have been best friends ever since grade school. Sara and I have been on the same soccer team for six years now. We do everything together.
Billy and Frank have also been best friends for awhile. Both Frank and Billy are on the varsity football team. Billy is about a foot taller than I am. He has brown, shaggy hair with brown eyes. Frank is about 5’11’’. He is kind of shy around people though. Sara and I met Billy and Frank at one of the football games. We all hit it off and went out for pizza after the game. After that, we have been couples.
Billy was a very safe driver, so he decided that he would take the responsibility to drive the whole way. We thought that it was very generous of him to drive the way. I knew that I could trust him with getting us there safely. It was the morning of the 25th of October and we were pumped to get out on the road. The boys were there to pick us up around 7:30 am. We gave our parents a hug and a kiss and we headed out. We left around 8:00 am. It was about a two hour drive to Kings Island. On the way there, we played road games. We played the game where you have to see if you can find all 50 license plates from different states. We got to about twenty and then we quit. We also took a little nap before we had to walk around the whole day. After about an hour on the road, Billy surprised us and pulled up in a Bob Evans parking lot. We were all starving, so we got out of the car and raced to the door. The host sat us down at our booth and gave us our menu. Since Bob Evans serves breakfast all day, Sara and I decided to get the super deluxe pancakes. We knew that we should probably eat a lot here, so that way we don’t spend a lot of money at the park. The boys settled for some eggs and waffles. Sara and I laughed at the fact that we ordered so much more food than the boys. So, we had a contest to see who could eat their food the fastest. The waitress even joined in on the fun. She got a stop watch and started the time. Sara and I let the boys win. After all, it is not lady like to scarf your food down. After we were done eating, we were back on the road. It was a beautiful day to be outside, so we couldn’t wait to get to the park.

When we arrived at Kings Island in Ohio, it was packed. I was very hard to find a parking spot. We finally found one in the very back. We pulled into the parking place and got out. We all stretched for about two minutes and we were on or way. It was about a ten minute walk from the parking spot to the park. When we got to the admission window, we paid our way and we were in. I was looking around and trying to absorb all of the excitement that my body was going through. We didn’t know where to go first. The park was so enormous.
Since it was October, none of the water rides were open. We picked a very special day to go to the park too. Since Halloween is in October, Kings Island was having a Haunt Fest going on. At 5:00 pm, Kings Island transforms into hell. It is just like going to a haunted house, but much better. Since it was only 12:00 pm, we had a lot of time to ride the rollercoaster’s before the place was haunted. We went on the Son of the Beast first. It took us about an hour to get on the ride. There were a lot of people trying to get on the same rides as us. When we finally got on, Sara and I sat next to each other. The boys rode behind us. Sara and I got the very front row, which are the best seats. When the ride started moving, I started to get a little nervous. I love roller coasters, but wood coasters kind of scare me a little bit. I have always thought that a piece of the track would break and then everyone would die. I knew that I had to get that thought out of my head though. I just let myself have a good time. We were going up to the top of the drop and I saw the whole view of the park. I knew exactly where I wanted to go next. I lifted my hands up and screamed as the roller coaster raced down the two hundred foot drop. It was such a rush.
When we finished riding the coasters that we wanted to, it was about time for the transformation of the park. While everyone was getting everything ready, we thought it would be a good idea to go get dinner and then come back. There was a little diner in the middle of the park called Boo’s Kitchen. It was a Halloween themed restaurant. When we walked in, we couldn’t believe it. The waiters were all dressed up in costumes. Every inch of the diner was somehow related to Halloween. We were approached by a vampire and he sat us down at our table. He gave us our menus and said that our waitress will be with us shortly.
When the waitress came, she was dressed like a witch. She took our order and left again. We were all sitting there talking when we heard a voice on the intercom. It said that Kings Island has now been turned into a place called hell. We looked outside to see that it was not the same place that we saw a few minutes ago. It was like it was magic. When the witch came with our food, we ate it pretty slow and then let out stomachs rest. It is not a good idea to eat a lot of food then go on an upside down ride. After we had finished resting, we were off to get scared.
We stepped out of the diner and it was dark. I was spooked by a goblin that had come up from behind me. I quickly grabbed Billy’s arm while my friends laughed at me. I knew that they had their moment coming. We knew that Kings Island had opened up some new haunted houses. We wanted to go to those first. The line was incredibly long. We didn’t mind it though. I again started to get butterflies in my stomach. I always like scary things, but I can hear the screams of people inside. That was making me even more nervous. I knew that this is one of the scariest haunted houses here.
When we finally got to the front of the line, the werewolf opened the curtain to let us in. I was in the middle of the group, I felt safer there. It was pitch black, we couldn’t see anything. Billy was leading the group. He couldn’t figure out which way to go though. We ran into walls a few times. Then there was a deep breathing in my ear. I knew that it wasn’t any of my friends. I let out the loudest scream that I could. We saw a light from afar and starting running towards it. We had a lot more obstacles to pass before we were out of there. We had to go through clowns, cemeteries, and even bats.
I was quite relieved when we got out. Then I knew that if I could do that, then I could go to any other haunted house. I went through the other houses like it was nothing. We also went on a few other rides while we were there. Every ride was still open for Fright Fest. My friends and I finally started getting tired after awhile at the park, so we decided to head back home. That was probably the best trip I have ever taken. I knew that I would come back again next year.

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