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Struggle To Be...

December 4, 2008
By Anonymous

He always thought he was bossy and rude to others. He thought he was the standard bully of the middle school where he was kind of like a mini-king. He thought he had everything; a nice family, good grades, and all the good things that most people had. So, one day he runs home after school after racing with his best friend. Obviously, he got to his home first but there was something unusual about the house. His mother who was always there in the kitchen, cooking him some delicious lunch wasn’t there in her usual spot. Instead, she was in the bedroom with the door closed… He could hear very tiny noises but couldn’t really distinguish what they meant; she could be talking to one of her friends or she could be crying… His heart almost skipped a beat at that thought and he ran towards the room and opened it with a great force. He found his mother lying there on the bed quietly crying. He inquired the reason and thought that probably one of his grandparents had died. But he never expected to hear what he heard next… “Honey,” his mother began, “I got all of our blood test results back today. You know the one time when all of our bloods were extracted.” He wondered what could have gone wrong with those results; everyone in his family had pretty good health. He found his heart beating rapidly and he suddenly felt like he needed a lot more oxygen than necessary. He replied, “Yeah… I remember that day.” His mother continued, “Yeah so the results are back and I don’t know how to break this to you but honey you have… you have leukemia.” Being one of the top students of his class, he obviously knew what that word meant. But instead of showing his deep worry and anxiety, he said, “So how bad is it, I mean level wise?” “Well you have to go in for further check-ups to make sure that it’s not getting any worse any faster than it has to…” “Oh,” he said, “I’ll try not to stress myself out.” Like that he got out of the bedroom and ran towards his own room, smashed the door close and started to cry like a small innocent kid… Now that he thought about it, he understood why he was always a bully to his fellow classmates. Not because he wanted to hurt them, just because he felt insecure. Even though he didn’t know what was really going on; somehow his mind and body did… and he tried to get from others that he lacked -- a good health…

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