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January 27, 2009
By julz27 SILVER, Quitman, Texas
julz27 SILVER, Quitman, Texas
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I've fixed my mind on this. I will not let it pass from my mind; not this time. (pause) Please! Please let me remember! Please, please' (almost in tears then stops) Oh what a beautiful day. Charming blue sky, pink flowers. I don't think I like the pink, the green grass is more likeable for me. (long pause. She acts like she's looking through a window.) My head hurts! What is the bandage on my head? (touches forehead) It's too tight to take off and my arms feel tired. (long pause) Oh I forgot to water my garden this morning. I thought I would sleep in. I wonder what my mother's doing. I call her everyday. She said she would cry the day I didn't call her. I guess that day is today. (pause) I think I had to sleep in 'someone wouldn't let me get up. Oh well, I'm comfortable. (pause) Oh my head hurts, and this room smells ' makes the pain worse. Smells like the cigarettes Jacob' Did he come?(trails off) Jacob? Jacob, why did you look at me that way? Why did you get so angry? I was tired from work and confused. You decide I don't love you enough ' don't think I can trust you. You gave up on me before I could give up on you. But I wouldn't Jacob, I wouldn't give up on you! (pause) Then you told me to leave. 'Get out!' You said. 'Don't look at me anymore.' (pause) So I did! I did; you gave me no other choice. I got in the car and drove away from our house. Then that truck pulled out in front of me and'(her eyes grow wide as she remembers) Jacob! Jacob, I 'm sorry! I have to wait 'til he comes back and gets me. (exasperated) I've fixed my mind on this. I will not let it pass from my mind; not this time. Please! Please let me remember!(pause)
Charming blue sky, pink flowers. (someone enters and she looks up; startled) Who are you? The smell of you makes my head hurt more. You've been smoking. I hate the smell of smoke. (they say something and she pauses) You know? I don't know you. (pause) Why are you crying? (she looks harder at the person like she's looking into their eyes.) (whispering:) I know you, I do. (as if she has to tell herself) I do know you! What is your name? (pause) Jacob, Jacob? Are you really here? Why were you so angry? (pause) You don't answer me. I suppose a simple sorry wouldn't'(looks out the window; trails off again) Charming blue sky and pink flowers. Perhaps I am growing to like pink. Jacob always liked the green grass.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for Theatre class and decided to write a play around for a script contest for One Act plays.

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