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Best Friends?

February 17, 2009
By Tori DeRiggi PLATINUM, Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania
Tori DeRiggi PLATINUM, Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania
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I was lying in the grass mindlessly brushing my fingers through her drying chocolate red curls rethinking the day. We had spent the day like we had spent the last weeks. We were at my house spending the day hanging around. We had spent the summer this way, at my house swimming and hanging our. Never has a day been like this through. Never had we been this close or this trusting in each other. Now that it has happened I don’t know what to think. It’s so confusing and yet so amazing.

I felt her curl tighter to me and I sighed knowing this isn’t going to last. The sun was setting on this day. If anything was perfect then this day was for sure. She had come over at eight this morning. Why I don’t know but I was happy all the same when I heard her say my name trying to wake me. We had just been hanging out, talking like usual when she suggested that we go swimming. That’s what we did. I chuckle remembering the day. She was afraid to get in so I pushed her in and she grabbed my arm and dragged me in with her. From there we just bad fun slapping and tickling and carrying on.

My mother called us for dinner and we came back out to swim. This time we were more relaxed. After the sun began to drop behind the trees we got out to lay in the setting sunlight to dry. We were relaxing and talking when the day got perfect. Like always fate plays games with us and that’s what happened. She slipped on the edge of her towel and tripped right on to me. We started rolling around having fun when she gave me the thing I had been wishing for. We had stopped rolling around with her on top of me while I hugged her to me.

When we stopped laughing she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I’ve wanted to try something. May I?” I nodded not knowing what she had in mind.

I guess I should have seen in coming. She leaned down again and took my face in both her hands and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked and couldn’t think. I couldn’t make logic but my body reached anyway and before I knew it we had gone from just friends to making out in twenty-four hours. She stopped us first and snuggled into my chest.
Right before she fell asleep she whispered,“Thank you. I love you, always have always will.” Shock without logic still I said it back. She sighed and fell asleep.

That brings us up to now. I now had my logic back, so I knew what I was doing when I leaned down and kissed her head before mumbling I love you into her hair. She must have woken up because she said, “I love you too,” before she turned and kissed my chest then sat up and kissed my chest then sat up and kissed my lips. We sighed when we heard my mother call us in.

We cot up, picked up our towels, and started in. As we walked in I grabbed her hand and keep it in my grip. She’s smiled at me and we walked the acre or so of my yard. Half way there she asked me something I had been pondering myself. “Are we a couple now?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I believe so,” I answered. I heard my sister come out and see us.
She smiled and said, “I knew if! Your two were meant to be together” She ran back in and screamed for my mother.

“I guess we are.” I chuckled then smiled at her.

“Then I guess I can do this whenever I want.” She said and then stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. I leaned into it and kissed her back.

Then I leaned over and whispered in her ear before kissing her again. “Only if I can do it back.”

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