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World of Cats

January 30, 2019
By Kittensdamittens SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
Kittensdamittens SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
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                                      CHAPTER 1

Frost glanced around the clearing. (Hopefully she actually says it….). Leafstorm had come to her earlier in the day and asked Frost if she should ask Frost’s crush if he wanted to be Frost’s mate. She had agreed to this, not knowing what might happen.

Soon enough, just before she was about to go to the pile of fresh kill, Leafstorm and a few of her friends ( Mousefoot, Violetstorm and Blackpaw ) ran toward her. “ I told him you like him!” Leafstorm purred. “Wha-Why?!” Frost gasped. “ I asked him and he said maybe!” Frost’s heart pounded. (He actually…?!) All of Leafstorm’s friends  cheered and congratulated Frost on her ‘accomplishment’. (Honestly, I haven’t done anything). But she accepted the praise anyways.

                                         CHAPTER 2

    Bluefire ( her crush ) had approached frost while she was in line to get fresh kill from the pile. “ Do you… Actually like me?” he asks. “Ye-Yes…” Frost replied shakily. “That means 3 she-cats like me!” Bluefire smiles. (What?! I thought I only had, like, one rival?!)

    She internally calmed herself, keeping herself calm. After what feels like 5 minutes, she can finally grab prey from the fresh kill pile. “Why don’t you sit by him?” Leafstorm whispers into her ear. Frost jumps, startled by how suddenly Leafstorm had come. Leafstorm continues to press her. “Hmm? Are you?” “No I-I…” Frost couldn’t find a reason not to eat near Bluefire.

Suddenly, Leafstorm stops prodding her.“That’s fine, Frost. You don’t have to.” “But… what if I told Vortexpelt…?” “N-NO!!!” Frost exclaims. Vortexpelt was her other crush. He was told once, a few months ago, that Frost liked him. It was spread around, but it didn’t really get any coverage by the gossipers. Needless to say, it died down pretty fast.

Frost had tried to not tell Leafstorm who she liked after that. She didn’t want it to happen again. Leafstorm had been Frost’s friend since they were kits, and Frost had told her a few secrets, including that she liked Vortexpelt. Frost had not actually told leafstorm that she liked Bluefire. She had figured it out herself. Somehow, Bluefire hadn’t noticed that Frost liked him.

Frost, Bluefire, and Leafstorm were considered elite hunters, so they trained separate, sometimes.

Leafstorm grins. “So you’re going to do it?” Frost sighs. “I guess… tomorrow”

                                     CHAPTER 3

Frost wandered around for a while, trying to delay the inevitable. (Would Leafstorm really just reject me from her spot? No, I would be shunned…) (Well, I still need to spend time with him if I want our relationship to advance) With a grudging sigh, Frost moved toward Bluefire. “I’m saving spots for Snowpelt and Ice,” Bluefire says. “O-okay” Frost replies. “Don’t say anything they can question.” (Al-alright?)

Leafstorm darts out of the line for fresh kill, toward Frost and Bluefire. “So, why don’t you sit beside him?” “Leafstorm!” Frost whispers. “Get out!” “Okay, okay. I’ll leave.” (Oh my Starclan, Leafstorm…)

                               CHAPTER 4

The rest of the time spent near Bluefire is basically eventless, except when Sandspot glanced toward Frost and asked, “Why is she here?” Frost glanced at Bluefire, then continued to eat her prey. Everyone else ignored Frost.

After she finished eating, Frost had escaped-- er, walked slowly away from Bluefire, toward Leafstorm. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Leafstorm grins. Frost sighs, then exclaims,”Well, I suppose not. But, I am never going to do it again!” “Fine. You did sit by him, after all.” Leafstorm smiles at Frost.

                              CHAPTER 5

Many days passed, and Frost and Bluefire became closer. Leafstorm occasionally did say random things to Bluefire without Frost knowing. Like, “She really likes you!” and “Frost likes to play mossball, too!” ( Even though she didn’t really like to play mossball ). It bothered Frost a little, but she just dealt with the constant teasing for having a mate.

(She’s probably… Just jealous) When Leafstorm had told Frost she knew who Frost liked, She had confessed who she liked. ( Sandfur, Vortexpelt’s best friend ). Eventually, Leafstorm asked to be his mate, and he said yes. But, soon, they broke apart because it was actually...a....joke. Perhaps it was because they were mocked by Vortexpelt. Frost still couldn’t believe it was a joke ( or blackmail ).

Soon, Leafstorm approached Frost. “Frost I… I’m leaving at the end of Greenleaf….” “Wha- Why?!” Frost exclaims, hoping she had heard her friend wrong. Sadly, she hadn’t. “”Well, I… I want to find a barn to live in.” “Leafstorm, that doesn’t explain anything!” Leafstorm sighs. “Barns have practically an endless supply of mice and provide a nice shelter.”

Frost is unable to argue against anything that Leafstorm has said, since it’s all true. “C-can I come with you?” Frost asks meekly, hoping she could stay with her friend. “No, Frost. You have Bluefire. I have practically no one. I don’t even like most of my friends here, anyways.” “Bu-But…” Frost was lost for words.

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to say to Leafstorm. She wanted to stay with both Bluefire and Leafstorm. But she knew it was impossible. Leafstorm turned to leave. “Goodbye, my friend. This will not be the last time we meet. Our fates are intertwined.” And with that last statement, Leafstorm left Frost.

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