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September 22, 2021
By cmariej GOLD, Buckeystown, Maryland
cmariej GOLD, Buckeystown, Maryland
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"Even darkness must pass, anew day will come and and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer."
J.R.R Tolkien

It was as if the whole world came to a standstill and Max saw his two options right in from of him. His choices were laid out in front of him as clear as day. He could either save himself and let his beloved girlfriend, Sarah, die, or save her and let himself die. Without hesitation, Max knew what he wanted to choose. Time unfroze the second he made his decision and there was no way he could take it back.

Max threw himself across Sarah to shield her rom the impact of the drunk driver’s truck. The last thing he saw was before his world became black was the terrified expression in Sarah’s eyes. He knew that he made the right decision. He looked at death directly in the face and smiled, knowing that his death meant Sarah would live.

Max opened his eyes. For a moment, he thought nothing had happened and there was no truck whatsoever. 

"Maybe the truck swerved and didn’t even hit us….”

He felt no pain, but when he looked at the rest of his body, he was in disbelief. He was so mangled and torn apart how could he not feel it. Or how was he even still alive. Then a realization hit him. He wasn’t. He wasn’t alive anymore. He was dead and he was looking at his destroyed body, still somehow clutching Sarah.

Within minute, ENTs and police had arrived. They pulled apart the hot metal and pried the two teenagers out. While they did this all Max could hope and pray for was that Sarah would still be alive. That was all he needed to hear. Just a heartbeat, just a pulse. Anything to know that she would be alright. The medics did everything in their power to resuscitate Sarah as they quickly loaded her into the ambulance. Max looked at her and all he could think was, “Come on, Sarah, breathe, please breath,”. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. Then there was a beep of the monitor.

The author's comments:

I wrote this as somewhat of a prequel to my other story, Ghost. Keep an eye out for more parts to this story.

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