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I once loved

February 2, 2022
By Makyek BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Makyek BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"I'm not mad at you because you called stefan I'm mad at you because I love you"-Damon Salvatore
"I'm not sorry for loving you"-Elena Salvatore

I loved once when I was young she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen but between her father hurting her, her school life, and the drug addiction, She couldn't take it anymore.

I loved once and she was a star in my solar system, she told me of her problem so I could help her, I got her into a good program that would slowly ween her off of it but I guess it wasn't enough because the next week after I didn't see her for while her mother called me.

I loved once when her mother called and told me of the accident. She said that she was sorry and I knew something was wrong. She told me that Rudy was in the hospital. I loved once when I screamed at the top of my lungs How much I hated life.

I loved once when My girlfriend OD'd because she couldn't take it anymore. Her funeral was fast, the reception was sad filled with tears and 'I'm sorry for your loses' Noone who actually knew her was there just some of her parents friends who never even met her.

I loved once when Rudies father got drunk and started ranting and her being a bad daughter. I loved once when I screamed at her father to shut his pig mouth and stop talking about her like that. I told him that she died because he was a terrible father and if it wasn't for him she would still be alive.

I loved once as I stormed out and cried in my car. I loved once when her spirit came to me and told me she was sorry and she loved me.

I loved once and she was ripped from my arms by the god of death. 

The author's comments:

This peice is about the feeling when you love someone and they are taken from you. I know about that all too well.

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