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Our Summer-Chapter 4- Summer's Dream-Come-True

December 6, 2009
By Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
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I awoke the next morning to the sound of the same bird that was always outside my window. But today, it was different, today there was two birds singing to each other. The newest bird had stunning blue feathers. Funny, they were as blue as Tony's eyes.... I thought & then every memory of the night before came rushing back. Just a dream, I decided as I looked out my window past the birds. I could see Tony's window from mine, but by the looks of it he was still sleeping. I laughed, Tony never got up before 2:00 on Saturdays if he could help it. I brushed my teeth, feeling oddly disappointed that my first kiss was just a dream. I think my brain was trying to mock me for being obviously too chicken to ask Tony out. Still, it felt so real. I should write it down. I ran to my computer & typed Teen Ink into the box. I logged in, went to Enter New Submission. I began typing in my dream, I named it Summer's Dream & just as I was about to click submit my cell phone rang "Sylvia's Calling".
"Hey Sylvia! What's-?"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " It was honestly the loudest I'd ever heard anyone scream in my entire life. For a few minutes, I was convinced that my left ear was now deaf. Once I was sure she had finished screaming, I tried to respond.
"Sylvia, whats-?"
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! YOU AND TONY!!!!!!!!!! " I froze & tightened my grip on the phone. Had I fell asleep in the DeVitos' car? Had Tony heard me sleep talking?! My face burned as red as it could.
"Sylvia," my voice shook like I was talking in the middle of an earthquake, "It was just a dream, I was rambling you know? Tell Tony I didn't mean it...."
"Wait, no Sylvia, I...." So it hadn't been a dream?! I was Tony's girlfriend? I told Sylvia I thought it had just been a dream, and she reassured me it hadn't. Tony and me were dating, for real. After hanging up with her, I sat by my computer, too stunned to speack. Tony DeVito asked me out. The words repeated in my head but it seemed too unreal. But it was true. I got up to get dressed & even put on a little makeup, about to leave. But I looked at the title again of my story again. Summer's Dream just didn't fit anymore. After all, it wasn't a dream anymore. It was real, but a dream-like real. I thought for a few minutes, then decided on a title. Summer's Dream-Come-True. I submitted the story in with a satisfied click & ran out. The day was as bright & hot as pretty much every day in June was. The sun was blinding over head & peeked from underneath the trees that shaded me on my front lawn. The sky was a clear & perfect blue, not a cloud in the sky. The grass was green, and the air smelt like....well, like summer. Everything seemed suddenly brighter & the world seemed perfect. Was this how love was supposed to feel? I found Sylvia tanning in her yard. The girly voice of Justin Beiber's "One Time" blasted from her stereo. I pretended to fake puke to get her attention.
"You're here!!!!!" she cried jumping up.
"Yeah, it was such a long walk from." I paused for sarcastic dramatic effect, "My front door which is *gasp* right next to your house!!!!" I pretended to collapse onto the ground in exhaustion. She laughed & hugged me. I could feel the heat & the unblock on her exposed stomach. "Just think, soon enough, we'll be in-laws!" she jumped up & down in the same excitement the day I'd moved into the wrong house.
"Ha-ha, Sylvia, take it easy! Me & Tony just started dating." The words me, Tony, are, and dating all in one sentence sent the butterflies flitting around my stomach for joy. "Speaking of Tony, is he even up yet?" I asked.
"Yeah, I think I'm awake Summer, thanks for asking."
I turned around to face the glass sliding doors of the DeVitos' house. There stood Tony, looking just as amazing as always. Today, his eyes made the gorgeous blue sky look like a tornado was coming in comparison.
"Oh my God! Is the world ending?! Tony Devito is awake in the morning!" Sylvia laughed. Tony motioned for her to leave & I giggled at his wild head motions. "I'm leaving I guess..." Sylvia said winking at me before disappearing into her house.
And then it was just me & him.

The author's comments:
I hope you like this story so far, I love writing it & trust me, I've got some great ideas that'll make this story even better. Enjoy!
PS- sorry this one entry is shorter then the others, but I had to divide it up to fllow Tenn Ink rules

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on Mar. 19 2011 at 7:25 pm
Drama_Queen13 DIAMOND, Nantucket, Massachusetts
51 articles 0 photos 108 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Live Life Like A Song."

I'm glad you're  enjoying it! I'm so sorry I haven't written; but I was grounded for a couple of months and then I got my computer back but had some issues...I just submitted a few more chapters; hopefully they'll be up soon!

-Kal- GOLD said...
on Jan. 15 2010 at 8:28 pm
-Kal- GOLD, Carthage, North Carolina
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This one wasn't quite the same as the others. The others have had an almost sureal quality to them, but this one didn't. Great job though, I still liked it a lot. 5