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A New Begging

January 12, 2010
By AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1

I found myself running. “Keep Running” my head told me I couldn’t hear their footsteps any more. I’m Alice Garrison. And this is how I ended up here:

“Wake up you inconsiderate brat!” my usual wake up call. I got up and got dressed quickly, put m hair up in a messy bun and some eyeliner. I ran down stairs and said “bye ganna-be late.” “Wait BRAT!! Get back here!!!” I ran and just barley made it to the bus stop. I’m a 15 year old girl with an alcoholic father and a late mother. My mother was killed in a car accident when I was 13 and that’s when my father became addicted to alcohol and started to beat me. My legs and arms are always covered in bruises and cuts from the various things he’s beaten me with. Also at school I’m tortured by those girls who think there pretty, starve themselves, and always have a different guy with them. Well apparently they don’t like me so the beat me. My only safe heaven is home-room which is where I am now. “Everyone we have a new student.” Oh Great. “He just moved here from Virginia.” That’s when I looked up and saw him. He had big green eyes and the reddest red hair I’ve ever seen. He smiled and showed the cutest dimples ever and said” hello everyone, I’m Alexander Fitzpatrick but you can all call me Alex.” “Well Alex you can sit back there next to Miss Garrison.” Thank you Mrs. Meeks!! He came and sat down at the seat next to my desk. He smiled as he said “hello” and blushed and said “hi, I’m Alice” “Alex” he said still smiling. “OH! I forgot to give you your schedule!” Mrs. Meeks said “Miss Garrison I checked and your schedule is exactly the same as Alex’s so would you please help him find them?” THANK YOU MRS. MEEKS!!! “Yes!” I said that way too excitedly “thank you miss Garrison.” “Yes thank you Alice.” He said blushing! BLUSHING!! I guess today won’t be as bad as I thought.
After home room we went to science where my good day turned bad. “Hey ugly” no please not Stephanie. “Hey hottie” she said to Alex as she leaned against his chest. No! I can’t have one thing please don’t take him!

The author's comments:
this is the first chapter i had it up but idk why it dissapered.....

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