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In The Eyes of Teenage Love

January 13, 2010
By EdgeofDesire SILVER, Port Jefferson, New York
EdgeofDesire SILVER, Port Jefferson, New York
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Her thoughts escaped. She somehow found comfort in his rugged hands exploding of calluses, in his vigorous muscular arms which reminded her of power and strength, and his impenetrable chest, of texture so smooth yet so rigid. Her head full of immeasurable thoughts seemed to fit perfectly on his solid chest. Her colossal dark-brown beautiful eyes begin to shut as her ears are pressed against his exquisite skin, waiting for the beating of his heart to accelerate.

His heartbeat became a rhythm to her. A soundtrack. It wasn’t just a muscle that contracts to release blood, it was much more specific. She swore she knew his heartbeat by heart, as if it was her own.

He was the best part of her and she was the best part of him. They were the best parts of each other. When his name is mentioned, they think of her. When her name is mentioned, they think of him. She’s a tiny girl; delicate and fragile. Born a dancer, possessive of a heart full of intentions stitched with flaws tied altogether with a meaningless smile. He’s football and hockey; soft clear blue eyes swallowed by the color of gray resulting in a look of intimidation to those of ignorance, powerful and strong. Both stubborn as ever. Never stopping to argue and always seeming to disagree about one thing or another.

She’s open-minded, he’s closed minded.
She wants to stay home, he wants to go out. She’s sympathetic, he’s impassive.
She’s optimistic, he’s pessimistic.
He hurts, she hurts.
She cries, he cries.
She succeeds, he succeeds.
Whatever happens to one happens to the other.
Her heart, his heart.

His rough hands begin miniscule movements. She felt each and every movement linger upon her skin as his hands inch closer to hers. She took advantage of these moments, replayed them in her mind. His abrasive hands reached hers as they intertwined into one. Her small and soft fingers molded between his, as the warmth of his skin sent shivers within her fragile body.
She glanced at his cold gray eyes, looking for a sense of comfort. Her heart stopped as her eyes pierced his, and a harsh realization of unfamiliarity rushed over her soul. With that, her eyes glued shut as her body began to tremble at the thought of change. Memories of what they’ve created swerved around her mind, words that were said suddenly replayed and refused to stop. She grabbed his grip tighter, as if it made her feel more secure, but the fear grew. She forced her closed eyes to shed out any light as her body begins to feel a strong sense of discomfort. “This is the boy I’m in love with, the boy I’m supposed to be with. This is my forever and always, my destiny.” He was a part of her, bits and pieces of her past were glued together because of his presence. He was everything. The thought of this eased her grip, relaxed her body slightly although her eyes refused to move. Her eyes remained glued shut, as if they were shut for a reason.

She started to move slightly but the strength of his arms overpowered her miniature body. She then began to wonder what he was thinking. She wondered if he knew what was on her mind. Her mind wondered into whether or not he ever knew what was on her mind. She wondered if he feels what she feels. If he felt the emptiness of the last gaze exchanged. If he felt the warmth of his skin getting colder as her thoughts took place. She squirmed as Goosebumps woke up her arms and she felt her eyelids clasp even closer. She realized that the exhilaration she felt minutes ago had simply disappeared. His cold eyes haunted her and left her delicate hands that once molded into his perfectly, frozen.

Her grip loosened and she began to pull away from his energy. She lifted each imperceptible finger as his touch lingered for far more than she would’ve wanted. His heartbeat accelerated and she felt his worry. She knew right then and there that the answers didn’t lie in his heart or hers. It didn’t lie in her mind or his body. Her answers were held in his eyes. His eyes held the truth that she needed to uncover and with that, she forced open her eyelids and gazed deep into the depths of his eyes.

His adoration toward her that he once had was gone. She didn’t see happiness, she saw someone who was content. Tears swallowed the color of his eyes and she saw fear. The fear of destruction of a long term beautiful creation. She saw the non-existence of past memories, no one she could ever recognize. She didn’t see the man she fell in love with. In fact, she didn’t see him at all. In his eyes, she saw someone else.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by two very important people in my life. I've had the beggining of this piece written for a very long time but the ending was very difficult to write. The ending finally came together based current events in my own life.

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